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Faculty Members

Warren F. Beck

Associate Professor

Ultrafast Spectroscopy: Photosynthesis and Nanomaterials

/ 517-353-1137

Gary J. Blanchard

Professor/Associate Chair for Education

Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Interfaces

/ 517-353-1105

Babak Borhan

Professor/Director of Admissions for the Graduate Program

Synthetic and Bioorganic Chemistry

/ 517-353-0501

Kyle Brown

Assistant Professor

Nuclear Chemistry

/ 517-908-7267

Melanie M. Cooper

Professor/Lappan-Phillips Professor of Science Education

Evidence-based Approaches to Improving Chemistry Education

/ 517-353-1114

Marcos Dantus

MSU Foundation Professor and University Distinguished Professor of Chemistry/Adjunct Professor (Physics)

Ultrafast Science

/ 517-353-1191

Selvan Demir

Assistant Professor

Single-Molecule Magnetism and Synthetic Chemistry with f-Element Compounds

/ 517-353-1080

Karen Draths

Assistant Professor

Synthetic Biology, Organic Chemistry

/ 517-353-0499

Jinda Fan

Assistant Professor of Radiology/Assistant Professor

Radiochemistry and Radiotracer Development for PET Imaging

/ 517-353-0502

James H. Geiger


Structural Biology Using X-Ray Crystallography

/ 517-353-1144

Thomas W. Hamann

Professor/James L. Dye Endowed Chair

Inorganic Materials / Electrochemistry

/ 517-353-1072

Elad Harel

Associate Professor

Deep Spectroscopy for Breakthrough Molecular Discovery

/ 517-353-1078

Heedeok Hong

Associate Professor

Biophysical Chemistry of Membrane Protein Folding and Degradation

/ 517-353-1104

Jian Hu

Associate Professor

Membrane Protein Structure-Function Characterization

/ 517-353-8680

Xuefei Huang

MSU Foundation Professor & Professor of Biomedical Engineering/Associate Chair for Research

Organic Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Nanoscience and Immunology

/ 517-353-1076

Paul Hunt


Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics/Molecular Scattering

/ 517-353-1172

Katharine C. Hunt

University Distinguished Professor

Quantum Theory

/ 517-353-1152

James E. (Ned) Jackson


Mechanism and Design in Green and Organic Materials Chemistry

/ 517-353-0504

Xiangshu Jin

Assistant Professor

Biological and Physical Chemistry, Structural Biology

/ 517-884-8958

Seokhyoung Kim

Assistant Professor/Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Nanomaterials synthesis, photonics and solar energy

/ 517-353-1205

Kin Sing Stephen Lee

Assstant Professor/Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Molecular Mechanism of Dietary Lipids and Environmental Toxicants on Human Health

/ 517-884-1813

Sean N. Liddick

Associate Professor

Nuclear Chemistry

/ 517-355-9672 x690

Robert E. Maleczka


Synthetic Organic Chemistry

/ 517-353-0834

Paul F. Mantica

University Distinguished Professor

Nuclear Chemistry

/ 517-355-9672 x456

John L. McCracken


Biological Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

/ 517-353-1159

James McCusker

MSU Foundation Professor

Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Complexes

/ 517-353-1081

Kenneth Merz

Professor/Joseph Zichis Chair in Chemistry

Computational Approaches to Biomolecular Systems

/ 517-353-1123

Aaron L. Odom


Organometallic/Inorganic Synthesis and Transition Metal Catalysis in Organic Synthesis

/ 517-353-1073

Thomas O'Halloran

University Foundation Professor of Chemistry/Professor of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics


/ 517-353-4090

Piotr Piecuch

University Distinguished Professor & MSU Foundation Professor/Adjunct Professor of Physics

Quantum Chemistry and Physics

/ 517-353-1151

Lynmarie A. Posey

Associate Professor/Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Mathematics in Chemistry Education

/ 517-353-1193

Gregory W. Severin

Assistant Professor


/ 517-353-1087

Milton R. (Mitch) Smith


Inorganic and Organic Chemistry for Sustainability in the 21st Century

/ 517-353-1071

Ruth Waddell Smith

Professor/Professor/Director Forensic Science Program School of Criminal Justice

Forensic Chemistry

/ 517-353-5283

Liangliang Sun

Associate Professor

High-resolution, Ultrasensitive, and Native Proteomics

/ 517-353-0498

Greg M. Swain

Professor & Member of the Neuroscience Program/REU Site Director

Electrochemistry, Carbon Material Science, Corrosion and Neuroanalytical Chemistry

/ 517-353-1090

Jetze J. Tepe


Synthetic and Bioorganic Chemistry

/ 517-353-0497

Kevin D. Walker

Professor (in Chemistry and in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

Constructing Enzyme Cascade Reactions toward Bioactive and Commodity Compounds

/ 517-353-1112

Timothy H. Warren

Rosenberg Professor/Chairperson

Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry for Catalysis and Biology

David P. Weliky


Biophysical Chemistry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

/ 517-353-1177

Angela K. Wilson

John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor/Associate Dean for Strategic Initatives and President, 2022, American Chemical Society

Physical, Theoretical, and Computational Chemistry

/ 517-353-1111