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Giving To Chemistry

There are many activities and programs of the MSU Department of Chemistry that are actively supported by donations. Endowed Faculty Chairs, Graduate Student Scholarships, Undergraduate Awards, Funds for the Library, Seminars, and Recruitment, and funds for discretionary use by the department chair to meet various immediate needs.


Department of Chemistry (A505)
Description: Department discretionary fund.

James L. Dye Endowed Chair in Materials Chemistry (A50561)
Description: This fund supports an endowed faculty position in materials chemistry.

Greg L. Baker, Ph.D. Memorial Lectureship (A50543)
Description: This lectureship is to be held in the Chemistry Department each year and consist of at least one lecture from one or more prominent scientists in the field of Chemistry or chemically-related science.

Thomas Alan Deline Endowed Scholarship (A50500)
Description: The scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students majoring in Chemistry and selected on the basis of work performed as part of a research project conducted for credit, either as part of required coursework or independently under the direction of a faculty member.

Dr. Roger J. Tull Memorial Fund (A50502)
Description: Programmatic/Expendable

Walter R. and Margaret W. Yates Memorial Scholarship (A50503)
Description: The fund will be used for undergraduate scholarships for students in chemistry and electrical engineering.

Dr. Ralph C. Huston Memorial Scholarship (A50504)
Description: MSU Foundation. Recipients must be in the top 25% of college graduating class - Masters candidates eligible if no Ph.D.

Laurence Quill Scholarship Fund (A50505)
Description: Student/Expendable

Richard C. Nametz Memorial Endowed Award in Chemistry (A50506)
Description: Preference is given to those expressing an interest in fire retardant chemistry.  Recipients shall be selected on the basis of academic merit and commitment to careers in the field of chemistry.

Endowed Chairs - Enrichment Program - Chemistry (A50507)
Description: To be used for research in Chemistry.

Alumni Distinguished Lectureship Award (A50508)
Description: This fund was created by friends and alumni of the Department of Chemistry to bring prominent scientists to visit the department for an extended time period. During their visit, the Scientists will present either a series of lectures or participate in regular instructional program of the department, and will interact with faculty and students in a collegial atmosphere.

Department of Chemistry K-12 Outreach Program (A50509)
Description: Programmatic/Expendable

Discretionary Endowment Fund for MSU Chemistry Department (A5051)
Description: Earnings shall be used to further the mission of the Department of Chemistry by funding those programs, acquisitions and/or personnel deemed best to enhance the Department.

Ronald E. Goldsberry Family MSU Black Alumni Natural Science Scholarship (A50510)
Description: This recipient shall be a declared major in the College of Natural Science with preference given to Chemistry majors. Recipients must be a full-time student. MSU will focus on recruitment of African-American applicants. Financial need may be considered. Minimum 2.7 cumulative GPA for current MSU students. Incoming freshmen are eligible to apply provided their minimum high school GPA is 3.0.

Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Learning Laboratory (A50511)
Description: Programmatic/Expendable

Chemistry Library Endowment Fund (A50512)
Description: Income from this endowment shall be used solely for the purchase of books on or about Chemistry and other purchases essential to the well-being of the Chemistry Library.

Department of Chemistry (A50513)
Description: Unrestricted/Expendable

Tulinsky Endowed Fund (A50514)
Description: This fund provides a graduate award for students enrolled in graduate studies in Chemistry and studying a topic related to structural chemistry. Financial need may be considered.

Hershel Goren Scholarship Fund (A50515)
Description: Recipients must be enrolled in Chemistry 419, Chemistry 400H or Chemistry 420 and have an outstanding academic record.

Karabatsos Lectures Endowment Fund in the Chemical Sciences (A50516)
Description: The fund provides financial support of the Karabatsos Lectures and honors the dedication and contributions of Professor Gerasimos J. Karabatsos to NMR spectroscopy and the field of Organic Chemistry.
Details: More information.

Naomi and Donald Hack Distinguished Staff Award in Chemistry (A50517)
Description: Candidates will be assessed by the following criteria with the understanding that all criteria may not be appropriate for each nomine: excellence in overall job performance, well above normal expectations; outstanding interpersonal skills and working relationship that contribute to the climate and morale of departments; contributions to the department or university as a whole that lead to improved efficiency or effectiveness; valuable service to the department or university (committees, outreach, volunteer work).
Details: More information.

Rogowski Chemistry Graduate Fellowship Fund (A50518)
Description: The fellowship will be awarded to matriculating candidates to the graduate program in the Department of Chemistry.

Carl H. Brubaker, Jr. Endowed Fellowship Fund in the Chemical Sciences (A5052)
Description: Recipients shall be selected on the following basis: 1) enrolled in graduate studies in the Department of Chemistry, 2) an outstanding academic record, 3) studying a topic related to inorganic chemistry, 4) financial support may be considered.

Hershel Goren Undergraduate Chemistry Scholarship (A50520)
Description: Recipients shall be of junior or senior status at the time of distribution of the award majoring in Chemistry and have an outstanding academic record.

Gerald T. Babcock Endowed Fund in Chemistry (A50521)
Description: This fund supports graduate students selected on the basis of previous academic achievement, professional goals, and perceived research potential.

Dow Chemical Chemistry Fellowship Fund (A50522)
Description: Student/Expendable

Dow Chemical Chemistry Lectureship Fund (A50523)
Description: Programmatic/Expendable

Ralph and Dorothy Bertolacini Chemistry Student Research Fund (A50524)
Description: This endowment is for the Department of Chemistry chairperson for enhancing the attractiveness of departmental stipends to benefit graduate recruiting and providing research grants to encourage undergraduate participation in individualized research projects.

General Chemistry Office Chemistry 142 Student Award (A50525)
Description: This award is intended to encourage students who have demonstrated the capacity to achieve educational and professional goals, the motivation to achieve these goals and the initiative to seek opportunities to further their progress. Recipients shall be selected on the basis of top three point totals achieved in Chemistry 142 in the spring semester.

General Chemistry Office Chemistry 141 Student Award (A50526)
Description: This award is intended to encourage students who have demonstrated the capacity to achieve educational and professional goals, the motivation to achieve these goals and the initiative to seek opportunities to further their progress.  Recipients shall be selected on the basis of top three point totals achieved in Chemistry 141 in the fall semester.

Dr. Ronald Goldsberry MSU Black Alumni Chemistry Graduate Award (A50528)
Description: This endowment recognizes graduate students who have demonstrated a commitment to enhancing diversity in science through excellence in teaching of chemistry to underrepresented undergraduate students at MSU.

Dr. Gordon L. Galloway Memorial Endowment for Chemistry Teaching (A50529)
Description: This fund recognizes post-doctoral candidates whose major teaching interests are in the area of general chemistry. A qualified candidate must have already been awarded a Ph.D. in Chemistry or Chemical Education or will be awarded a Ph.D. in the semester preceding the start of their teaching contract.

Gordon L. Galloway Endowed Distinguished Lectureship Fund in Chemistry (A5053)
Description: MSU Foundation. This fund is available to Chemistry teachers from small colleges. Preference may be given to applicants from institutions that have been targeted by the MSU Department of Chemistry as vital to their recruitment efforts, particularly with respect to minorities and to women.

Edmund P. DePalma Endowment in Support of Undergraduate Chemistry Education (A50530)
Description: The endowment will be used for the Department of Chemistry, at the discretion of its Chairperson, in support of undergraduate chemistry education purposes, but limited to scholarship awards for undergraduate students, upgrading of lab facilities or equipment acquisitions utilized but not limited to undergraduate students pursuing coursework.

David and Sara Taft Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry (A50532)
Description: Expenditures from the endowment will support graduate fellowships in organic chemistry or in areas of biotechnology within the Department of Chemistry. Rewards are specifically designated for students who have already completed their first year of graduate study.

Drs. Matthew and Mary Ellen Zabik Natural Science Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry (A50533)
Description: Recipients shall be students who graduated from a U.S. high school pursing a Ph.D. or masters degree with thesis in the Department of Chemistry.

Taita Chemical Company & Otto Cheng Endowed Fellowship (A50534)
Description: Recipients will be Ph.D. chemistry graduate students working on thesis projects in the area of polymer science and technology.

H. Bradford Thompson and Jane E. Thompson Summer Research Endowment(A50537)
Description: The award is to provide stipends for undergraduate students participating in research under the guidance of chemistry faculty during summers. A student might be expected to participate in seminars and research group meetings as the faculty member feels appropriate.

Dr. Richard I. Jackson - Department of Chemistry Discretionary Fund (A50538)
Description: The endowment income will be used for needs within the Department of Chemistry at the discretion of the chairperson.

Bradford-Adams Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry (A50539)
Description: Preference shall be given to students majoring in Chemistry who are maintaining a GPA of at least 3.0 and who are gainfully employed at least part-time.

Department of Chemistry Alumni Leadership Spartan Cornerstone Scholarship Challenge (A50540)
Description: This endowment supports students pursuing a graduate degree in the Department of Chemistry and who are eligible to participate in federal need-based financial programs.

Marjorie Lesher Hunt Chemistry Scholarship (A50541)
Description: This scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate junior or senior student majoring in Chemistry. Preference will be given to applicants who have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher and demonstrate financial need.

William E. Marklewitz Undergraduate Scholarship and Research Endowment in Chemistry(A50544)
Description: Recipients must be pursuing a degree in chemistry. Preference will be given to students who have achieved sophomore status and who have earned a 3.0 GPA.

Harold Hart Endowed Fellowship in the Chemical Sciences (A5055)
Description: Recipients must have completed two years of graduate study in chemistry and must be studying a topic related to organic chemistry. Financial need may be considered and they must have an outstanding academic record.

Harold Hart Portrait Fund (A50550)
Description: Programmatic/Expendable
Details: More information.

James L. Dye Endowment in Chemical Sciences (A5056)
Description: Recipients must be enrolled in graduate studies in the Department of Chemistry. Financial need may be considered. Must have an outstanding academic record.

Keki and Phyllis and Rohinton Mistry Distinguished Award in Chemistry (A5057)
Description: The recipient shall be selected from applicants who will be in their final undergraduate year when this expendable scholarship award is activated. Applicants shall have demonstrated academic excellence, and shall exhibit financial need and be planning to attend graduate school.

John J. Sculati Discretionary Endowed Fund (A5058)
Description: The fund shall be made available to the chairperson of the Department of Chemistry for use to advance and benefit the department.

Max T. Rogers Lectureship Fund (A5059)
Description: This lectureship is to be held in the Chemistry Department and consist of three lectures from a prominent scientist in the field of chemistry or chemically-related science.
Arthur R. Wolf Scholarship (AF0203)
Description: This scholarship is used to assist students with financial need in the Department of Chemistry.
August F. Frey and Ernest J. Frey Research Fund (AF020)
Description: An unusually bright undergraduate may be given assistance, but only for the purpose of research project. This fund is for research in chemistry, biochemistry, or chemical engineering.