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Chemical Genealogy

(last updated: December 19, 2007)

Chemical Genealogy

Professor McCarty first developed the academic genealogy [McCarty, C. N., "Chemical Genealogy," J. Chem. Educ., 46, 317 (1969)] of the Department of Chemistry in the 1960's, patterning the effort after that of Virginia Bartow [Bartow, Virginia, J. Chem. Educ., 16, 236 (1939)]. The facility has been invaluable for the study of the history of chemistry and to show the interrelationships in the academic chemistry community. 

In recent years, the facility has been maintained by Jim Oliver, Chemistry Librarian, and Bill Draper, Department of Chemistry Graphic Artist.

We became aware, in early February 2002, that an extensive "Chemical Genealogy Database" had been made available on the WWW (the URL is: http://www.scs.uiuc.edu/~mainzv/Web_Genealogy/) by Vera V. Mainz and Gregory S. Girolami. This is a wonderful resource we have recently referenced to verify, correct and extend our information. Thank you Vera and Gregory!

Other examples of Chemistry and Scientific Genealogies available on the WWW include those from: University of Connecticut (organic chemists), University of Massachusetts,  and North Dakota State University, Fargo (Mathematics). Examples of on-line biographies of chemists include those from: Peter Morris and Gerry Moss at Queen Mary, University of London, and the Chemical Heritage Foundation. In addition, there are on-line portrait galleries of chemists (Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Collection, and physicists (University of California, Santa Barbara).

A subset of the MSU Chemistry Academic Genealogy [containing only those lines which lead to current, recently retired, or recently deceased MSU Chemistry faculty members] has been plotted and is available to view and/or download as a PDF file. This will print on 8.5 x 11 paper if one chooses 'fit to page' when printing from Acrobat -- else it will print only a portion of its original 72 x 24 inch area that will fit onto a sheet of paper.

The lines trace each individual to the professor under whose guidance the Ph.D. or highest degree was earned. Reported for each individual are, when available and applicable: the years of birth and death; the year and instutution for the PhD or highest degree; and the years on the faculty at Michigan State University. The names of those ever on the MSU Department of Chemistry faculty are shown in green and Nobel Laureates are shown in italics.

The Chemical Genealogy "family tree" can be accessed by:

scrolling down to view the entire tree, to see the relationships between individuals; and/or clicking on the name of a present or former MSU Chemistry faculty member to see the individual's Chemical Genealogy and a list of his/her students earning advanced degrees at MSU.

John Allison

Neal Russell Armstrong

Bruce Alan Averill

Gerald Thomas Babcock

Gregory Lynn Baker

Charles Dodson Ball

Richard Louis Bateman

Warren Findlay Beck

Kris Arvid Berglund

Frederick Michael Bernthal

Abigail Anne Bickley

Ralph K Birdwhistell

Gary John Blanchard

Babak Borhan

Joan Blanchette Broderick

William E Broderick

Carl Hess Brubaker Jr

Merlin L Bruening

Duane Frueh Burow

Richard U Byerrum

Chi Kwong Chang

Arthur J Clark

Kim Clarke Cohn

Kenneth James Coskran

Stanley Ross Crouch

Robert Isaac Cukier

Marcos Dantus

Karen Margaret Draths (Frost)

Frederick R Duke

Kim Renee Dunbar

Frederick B Dutton

James L Dye

Harry Arthur Eick

Mohamed Ashraf El-Bayoumi

Christie George Enke

Dwight Tarbell Ewing

James L Fairley Jr

Donald George Farnum

Michael Feig

John Wesley Frost

Gordon Lynn Galloway

Otto Alphonse Gansow

Simon J Garrett

John Gerard Gaudiello

James Harold Geiger

Irene Anna Gennick (Cesa)

Victor Gilpin

Gordon Laverne Goerner

Robert Howard Grubbs

Ralph L Guile

James L Hall

Klaas Hallenga

James Beclone Hamilton

Robert Nelson Hammer

James Francis Harrison

Harold Hart

Bruce E Hartsuch

Robert Max Herbst

James David Hoeschele

Rawle I Hollingsworth

Carl Arthur Hoppert

Frederick Herbert Horne

Xuefei Huang

Katharine C Hunt

Paul M Hunt

Ralph Chase Huston

James Edward [Ned] Jackson

Arthur Daniel Jones III

Mercouri Gregorio Kanatzidis

Gerasimos John Karabatsos

Ahsan U Khan

Gordon Leslie Kilgour

Jack B Kinsinger

Peter Thomas Kissinger

Cecil C Langham

Maurice G Larian

Eugene LeGoff

Jeffrey Scott Ledford

Elmer E Leininger

George Edgar Leroi

William Carl Lewis

Hans A Lillevik

William T Lippincott Jr

Robert Edward Maleczka Jr

Paul Francis Mantica Jr

O'Neal Mason

Keith B McCall

Charles Norman McCarty

John L McCracken

James Kenneth McCusker

Victoria Lynn McGuffin

William Charles McHarris

Gordon A Melson

David Joseph Morrissey

Boris Musulin

George Vasily Nazaroff

Richard Selindh Nicholson

Daniel George Nocera

Aaron Lynn Odom

Piotr Piecuch

Thomas Joseph Pinnavaia

John J Pitha

Alexander I Popov

Lynmarie Agnes Posey

Laurence Larkin Quill

Michael William Rathke

Gavin E Reid

William H Reusch

Max Tofield Rogers

Barnett Rosenberg

Morley Egerton Russell

Robert D Schuetz

Richard Henry Schwendeman

David Knight Scott

Milton R Smith III

Lynn Robert Sousa

John C Speck Jr

Steven Tremble Spees Jr

Dana M Spence

James C Sternberg

John Robert Stille

Kenneth G Stone Jr

Greg M Swain

Elbert C Tabor

Steven Paul Tanis

Jetze J Tepe

Andrew Timnick

Alexander Tulinsky

Peter John Wagner Jr

Kevin Duane Walker

Jack Throck Watson

Michael John Weaver

Walter Eugene Weibrecht

David Paul Weliky

William Dean Wulff

James P Yesinowski

Matthew John Zabik