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About Chemistry

Photo of the Department of Chemistry Building.
Photo of the Department of Chemistry Building.

The Department of Chemistry occupies an air-conditioned building with 280,000 ft2 of floor space distributed over five main floors, two basements, a penthouse complex, an office annex and a lecture-hall wing. Approximately 60% is devoted to research laboratories, instrument facilities, and supporting shops. All graduate students have 24-hour access to the building, their research laboratories and offices, and the computer rooms.

The Chemistry Department moved into its current building when its construction was completed in 1964. At that time it was a state-of-the-art chemistry teaching and research facility. In the late 1990s the building underwent a large scale $11 million renovation, and was later further improved in another $12 million renovation to preserve that status. In April 2005, the State of Michigan agreed to fund a $17.1 million addition to the Chemistry Building to accommodate our expansion and enhance our efforts in both graduate and undergraduate education. Construction of this annex was completed in Fall 2007, along with the expansion and renovation of all the chemistry teaching laboratories. These updates provide for current state-ofthe-art research and teaching facilities that allow the continued pursuit of our world-class research and teaching programs. Such costly investments by the University in the infrastructure of our Department reflect the high level of support and respect that the Chemistry Program commands from MSU’s administration.

The ability to carry out interdisciplinary Chemistry-related research at MSU has been enhanced by the Biomedical and Physical Sciences (BPS) Building, which abuts and connects to both the Chemistry and Biochemistry Buildings. This recent structure houses the Physics-Astronomy and Microbiology Departments among others, fostering new and enhancing existing collaborations of our Chemistry faculty with faculty from other departments having interests in areas such as materials science, biochemistry and biophysics research.


Timothy Warren
Gary J. Blanchard
Associate Chair for Education
Xuefei Huang
Associate Chair for Research