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The following is a list of the faculty mentors and research projects that will be available for the summer of 2024.

Shown below are the faculty mentors with links to their email addresses and research group homepages, their area of study.  You can see the types of research ongoing in the groups and get general idea of the nature of a summer REU project.

Faculty Mentor Project Description
Prof. Gary Blanchard (Analytical)  Chemistry of interfaces and laser spectroscopy
Prof. Marcos Dantus (Physical) Laser spectroscopy of  molecules and imaging
Prof. Selvan Demir (Inorganic) Lanthanide chemistry in energy and material science
Prof. Katharina Domnanich (Nuclear/Physical) Radionuclide synthesis and purification
Prof. Karen Draths (Organic) Synthetic biology and organic chemistry
Prof. Robert Ferrier (Chem. Engr.) Polymer engineering
Prof. Thomas Hamann (Inorganic) Dye-sensitized solar cells  and electrochemistry
Prof. Seokyoung Kim (Inorganic) Nanomaterial synthesis and characterization
Prof. Robert Maleczka (Organic) Green organic synthesis and new reaction schemes
Prof. Tian (Autumn) Qiu (Analytical) Analytical mass spectrometry and PFAS analysis
Prof. Greg Severin (Nuclear/Analytical) Production and purification of radionucleotides for medical, chemical and biological applications
Prof. Ruth Smith (Analytical) Forensic chemistry
Prof. Liangliang Sun (Analytical) Advanced separation and mass spectrometry methods for proteomics
Prof. Greg Swain (Analytical) Additively manufactured metal alloys, green coatings for corrosion control and electrochemistry
Prof. Volodymyr Tarabara (Civil and Environ. Engr.) Polymer membranes and water purification
Prof. Tuo Wang (Physical) NMR spectroscopy and bacteria structure
Prof. Tim Warren (Inorganic) Environmentally-friendly synthesis for catalysis and biology
Prof. Angela Wilson (Physical/Computational) Computational methods applied to green chemistry
Prof. Weiwei Xie (Inorganic) Quantum materials synthesis and characterization