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Max T. Rogers Lectureship

The Michigan State University Section of the American Chemical Society has helped sponsor an annual lecture series that brings world-renowned scientists to the campus each spring. The lecture series was co-sponsored by the Renaud Foundation for 39 years and, hence, traditionally became known as the Renaud Lecture Series. Although the philanthropic trust of the Renaud Foundation was liquidated recently, the MSU Section of the American Chemical Society continues this prestigious series of lectures. An anonymous donor has provided support for the Lecture Series in the name of Max T. Rogers. Dr. Rogers, a physical chemist who served as Professor of Chemistry at Michigan State University for over 40 years, was a special member of the Department of Chemistry and the University. His outstanding contributions in the area of magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and his enlightened view of science, added prestige and distinction to the Department of Chemistry and the University community. It is a privilege for the MSU Section of the American Chemical Society and the MSU Department of Chemistry to continue the lecture series in the name of Professor Max T. Rogers.

Year Name University/Company
2022 George C. Schatz Northwestern University
2021 George C. Schatz Northwestern University
2019 Geraldine L. Richmond University of Oregon
2018 Adriaan Bax National Institutes of Health
2017 Benjamin Cravatt The Scripps Research Institute
2016 William DeGrado University of California – San Francisco
2015 Jonathan V. Sweedler University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
2014 Thomas E. Mallouk Pennsylvania State University
2013 Louis E. Brus Columbia University
2012 Raymond C. Stevens The Scripps Research Institute
2011 Nathan S. Lewis Beckman Institute and Kavli Nanoscience Institute
2011 Ann E. McDermott Columbia University New York, NY
2009 Chad A. Mirkin Northwestern University
2008 Donald G. Truhlar University of Minnesota
2007 Sir John Meurig Thomas Davy Faraday Research Laboratory The Royal Institution of Great Britain, London
  R. Graham Cooks Purdue University
  A. Paul Alivisatos University of California, Berkeley
  John C. Polanyi Department of Chemistry University of Toronto
  Robert Tycko National Institutes of Health
2002 Michael J. Sailor University of California, San Diego
2001 Peter B. Moore Yale University
  Keith U. Ingold Institute of Molecular Sciences - National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa
1999 Dudley Herschbach Harvard University
  Alexander Pines University of California, Berkeley
  Graham R. Fleming The University of Chicago
  Paul C. Lauterbur University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  Martin Karplus Harvard University
  Jerrold Meinwald Cornell University
  John E. Bercaw California Institute of Technology
  Gerhard L. Closs The University of Chicago
  John A. Pople Carnegie-Mellon University and Northwestern University
  Ahmed H. Zewail California Institute of Technology
  Richard N. Zare Stanford University
  Thomas C. Bruice University of California, Santa Barbara
  Harry B. Gray California Institute of Technology
  J. Calvin Giddings University of Utah
  Jean-Marie Lehn  
  K. Neil Bartlett University of California, Berkeley
  Berni J. Alder  
  R. A. Marcus California Institute of Technology
  Henry Taube Stanford University
  Ronald Breslow Columbia University
  Ilya Prigogine  
  William P. Jencks Brandeis University
  Roald Hoffmann Cornell University
  Leslie E. Orgel University of California, San Diego
  William N. Lipscomb Harvard University
  Gerhard Herzberg  
  Paul D. Bartlett University of California, Berkeley
  Linus Pauling California Institute of Technology
  Carl Djerassi Stanford University
  F. Albert Cotton Texas A&M University
  Harden M. McConnell Stanford University
  Herbert C. Brown Purdue University
  Ronald S. Nyholm  
  Manfred Eigen  
  E. J. Corey Harvard University
  Charles Tanford Duke University
  Peter J. W. Debye Cornell University
  Derek H. R. Barton Texas A&M University
  George Watt The University of Texas, Austin
  Herbert A. Laitinen University of Illinois
  Henry Eyring University of Utah
  John D. Roberts California Institute of Technology
  I. M. Klotz Northwestern University
  Joseph J. Katz University of Iowa
  Leon Marion  
  Richard Dodson Columbia University
  Melvin Calvin University of California, Berkeley
  Harvey Diehl Iowa State University
  Melvin S. Newman The Ohio State University
  Milton Burton University of Notre Dame
  M. A. Lauffer