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The Pfizer

The Pfizer (formerly Warner-Lambert) Lecture Series in Chemistry has for over two decades enriched the experience of workers in the chemical sciences at MSU. As is evident from the list of distinguished speakers, this lectureship has provided opportunities for students and faculty to interact with outstanding researchers from all areas of chemistry. We are grateful to Pfizer for ongoing support, which permits us to continue the tradition of visits by outstanding scholars and teachers.

Year Name University/Company
2008 Stephen L. Buchwald Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2007 Eric N. Jacobsen Harvard University
  Samuel I. Stupp Northwestern University
  David E. Cane Brown University
  David A. Evans Harvard University
  Stephen Hanessian University of Montreal
2002 Robert G. Bergman University of California, Berkeley
  Robert M. Williams Colorado State University
  Jeffrey D. Winkler The University of Pennsylvania
  Kendall N. Houk, Thomas R. Hoye, Marti n Saunders, and Harry H. Wasserman Woodward Symposium
  Amos B. Smith, III The University of Pennsylvania
  Heinz G. Floss University of Washington
  Stephen J. Lippard Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Clayton H. Heathcock University of California, Berkeley
  Sir Derek H. R. Barton Texas A&M University
  Dieter Seebach Eidgenosssische Technische Hochschule Zurich
  Peter Dervan California Institute of Technology
  Jeremy Knowles Harvard University
  Bert Fraser-Reid Duke University
  Larry Overman University of California, Irvine
  Paul Wender Stanford University
  Barry Trost University of Wisconson
  Samuel Danishefsky Columbia Universtiy
  Gilbert Stork Columbia Universtiy
  K. Barry Sharpless Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  George M. Whitesides Harvard University
  Koji Nakanishi Columbia University