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The Alumni Distinguished Lecturers

This Award has been created by Chemistry's friends and alumni to bring prominent scientists to visit the Department and tell us of their research. During their visit, these scientists will either present a series of lectures or participate in a regular instructional program in the Department and will interact with faculty and students in a collegial atmosphere.

Year Name University/Company
2021 Punit Kohli Southern Illinois University
  Kyoung-Shin Choi University of Wisconsin-Madison
  Ellen Williams  
2013 Jennifer Schomaker University of Wisconsin - Madison
2010 Joseph T. Hupp Northwestern University
2007 David B. Collum Cornell University
2006 Carlos J. Bustamante University of California, Berkeley
2005 Tobin J. Marks Northwestern University
2003 Harry B. Gray California Institute of Technology
  Alison Williams  
  Phaedon Avouris  
  Jose H. Francisco  
  Howard Katz  
  Robert H. Grubbs  
  Michael K. Bowman  
  Peter Wipf  
  Keith Woo  
  Peter G. Schultz