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The Dow/Karabatsos Lecture Series in the Chemical Sciences has enriched the experience of workers in the chemical sciences at MSU for over thirty years. As is evident from the list of distinguished speakers, this lectureship has provided opportunities for students and faculty to interact with outstanding researchers from all areas of chemistry. We are grateful to Dow for their ongoing support that permits us to continue the tradition of extending invitations to outstanding scholars and teachers such as Prof. Sanford. The Department has started an endowment for this lecture series in honor of MSU Professor Gerasimos J. Karabatsos.

Year (PDF) Name University/Company
2022 Laura L. Kiessling Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2019 Melanie S. Sanford University of Michigan
2018 Daniel G. Nocera Harvard University
2018 Robert H. Grubbs California Institute of Technology
2017 Harry B. Gray California Institute of Technology
2016 Timothy M. Swager Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2014 Krzysztof Matyjaszewski Carnegie Mellon University
2013 Gregory C. Fu California Institute of Technology
2012 Maurice Brookhart University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2010 Daniel A. Singleton Texas A&M University
2009 David W. C. MacMillan Princeton University
2008 Peter J. Stang University of Utah
2007 John E. Bercaw California Institute of Technology
2006 Sidney M. Hecht University of Virginia
2004 Galen D. Stucky University of California, Santa Barbara
2003 Robert H. Grubbs California Institute of Technology
2002 Jean M.J. Fréchet University of California at Berkeley
2001 Richard R. Schrock Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2000 K. C. Nicolaou University of California at San Diego
  Daniel G. Nocera Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Fred W. McLafferty Cornell University
  Dale L. Boger The Scripps Research Institute
  JoAnne Stubbe Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Josef Michl University of Colorado, Boulder
  John I. Brauman Stanford University
  Richard H. Holm Harvard University
  Marye Anne Fox University of Texas, Austin
  Nicholas J. Turro Columbia University
  Tobin J. Marks Northwestern University
  Julius Rebek Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  F. Albert Cotton Texas A&M University
  Robert H. Grubbs California Institute of Technology
  Paul von R.Schleyer Erlangen University - Federal Republic of Germany
  Robert G. Bergman University of California, Berkeley
  John H. Sinfelt Exxon Research and Engineering Company
  Allen J. Bard University of Texas, Austin
  Gabor A. Somorjai University of California, Berkeley
  George A. Olah University of Southern California