Max T. Rogers Lectureship

The Michigan State University Section of the American Chemical Society has helped sponsor an annual lecture series that brings world-renowned scientists to the campus each spring. The lecture series was co-sponsored by the Renaud Foundation for 39 years and, hence, traditionally became known as the Renaud Lecture Series. Although the philanthropic trust of the Renaud Foundation was liquidated recently, the MSU Section of the American Chemical Society continues this prestigious series of lectures. An anonymous donor has provided support for the Lecture Series in the name of Max T. Rogers. Dr. Rogers, a physical chemist who served as Professor of Chemistry at Michigan State University for over 40 years, was a special member of the Department of Chemistry and the University. His outstanding contributions in the area of magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and his enlightened view of science, added prestige and distinction to the Department of Chemistry and the University community. It is a privilege for the MSU Section of the American Chemical Society and the MSU Department of Chemistry to continue the lecture series in the name of Professor Max T. Rogers.

Henry Eyring
University of Utah
John D. Roberts
California Institute of Technology
I. M. Klotz
Northwestern University
Joseph J. Katz
University of Iowa
Leon Marion
Richard Dodson
Columbia University
Melvin Calvin
University of California, Berkeley
Harvey Diehl
Iowa State University
Melvin S. Newman
The Ohio State University
Milton Burton
University of Notre Dame
M. A. Lauffer