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Materials Faculty

Interests In Materials

Photo of Warren Beck

Warren F. Beck

Ultrafast Spectroscopy: Photosynthesis and Nanomaterials

Photo of Gary Blanchard

Gary J. Blanchard

Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Interfaces

Photo of Melanie Chiu

Melanie Chiu

Physical Organic Approaches to Polymer Synthesis

Photo of Selvan Demir

Selvan Demir

Single-Molecule Magnetism and Synthetic Chemistry with f-Element Compounds

Photo of Jinda Fan

Jinda Fan

Radiochemistry and Radiotracer Development for PET Imaging

Photo of Thomas Hamann

Thomas W. Hamann

Inorganic Materials / Electrochemistry

Photo of Elad Harel

Elad Harel

Deep Spectroscopy for Breakthrough Molecular Discovery

Photo of Xuefei Huang

Xuefei Huang

Organic Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Nanoscience and Immunology

Photo of Katharine Hunt

Katharine C. Hunt

Quantum Theory

Photo of

James E. (Ned) Jackson

Mechanism and Design in Green and Organic Materials Chemistry

Photo of Seokhyoung Kim

Seokhyoung Kim

Nanomaterials synthesis, photonics and solar energy

Photo of James McCusker

James McCusker

Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Complexes

Photo of Tian (Autumn) Qiu

Tian (Autumn) Qiu

Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Toxicology, Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis

Photo of Milton (Mitch) Smith

Milton R. (Mitch) Smith

Inorganic and Organic Chemistry for Sustainability in the 21st Century

Photo of Liangliang Sun

Liangliang Sun

High-resolution, Ultrasensitive, and Native Proteomics

Photo of Greg Swain

Greg M. Swain

Electrochemistry, Carbon Material Science, Corrosion and Neuroanalytical Chemistry

Photo of David Weliky

David P. Weliky

Biophysical Chemistry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Photo of Angela Wilson

Angela K. Wilson

Physical, Theoretical, and Computational Chemistry

Photo of Weiwei Xie

WeiWei XIe

Exploring Novel Quantum Materials from Chemistry Perspectives