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Chemical Physics Faculty

Interests in Chemical Physics

Photo of Warren Beck

Warren F. Beck


Ultrafast Spectroscopy: Photosynthesis and Nanomaterials

beckw@msu.edu / 517-353-1137

Photo of Marcos Dantus

Marcos Dantus

MSU Foundation Professor and University Distinguished Professor of Chemistry/Adjunct Professor (Physics)

Ultrafast Science

dantus@msu.edu / 517-353-1191

Photo of Katharine Hunt

Katharine C. Hunt

University Distinguished Professor

Quantum Theory

klch@chemistry.msu.edu / 517-353-1152

Photo of Sean Liddick

Sean N. Liddick

Associate Professor

Nuclear Chemistry

liddick@nscl.msu.edu / 517-355-9672 x690

Photo of Piotr Piecuch

Piotr Piecuch

University Distinguished Professor & MSU Foundation Professor/Adjunct Professor of Physics

Quantum Chemistry and Physics

piecuch@chemistry.msu.edu / 517-353-1151

Photo of Tuo Wang

Tuo Wang

Associate Professor/Carl H. Brubaker, Jr., Professor

Biological and biomaterial solid-state NMR

wangtuo1@msu.edu / 517-353-1113

Photo of David Weliky

David P. Weliky


Biophysical Chemistry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

weliky@chemistry.msu.edu / 517-353-1177

Photo of Angela Wilson

Angela K. Wilson

John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor/Associate Dean for Strategic Initatives and President, 2022, American Chemical Society

Physical, Theoretical, and Computational Chemistry

wilson@chemistry.msu.edu / 517-353-1111