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Organic Faculty

Photo of Mary C. Andorfer

Mary C. Andorfer

Enzyme Engineering, Organic Chemistry, Structural Biology

Photo of Babak Borhan

Babak Borhan

Synthetic and Bioorganic Chemistry

Photo of Melanie Chiu

Melanie Chiu

Physical Organic Approaches to Polymer Synthesis

Photo of Karen Draths

Karen Draths

Synthetic Biology, Organic Chemistry

Photo of Jinda Fan

Jinda Fan

Radiochemistry and Radiotracer Development for PET Imaging

Photo of Joseph Gair

Joseph Gair

Selective Catalysis, Organic, Organometallic

Photo of Xuefei Huang

Xuefei Huang

Organic Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Nanoscience and Immunology

Photo of

James E. (Ned) Jackson

Mechanism and Design in Green and Organic Materials Chemistry

Photo of Kin Sing Stephen Lee

Kin Sing Stephen Lee

Molecular Mechanism of Dietary Lipids and Environmental Toxicants on Human Health

Photo of Robert Maleczka

Robert E. Maleczka

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Photo of Jetze Tepe

Jetze J. Tepe

Synthetic and Bioorganic Chemistry

Photo of Kevin Walker

Kevin D. Walker

Constructing Enzyme Cascade Reactions toward Bioactive and Commodity Compounds

Interests in Organic Chemistry

Photo of Aaron Odom

Aaron L. Odom

Organometallic/Inorganic Synthesis and Transition Metal Catalysis in Organic Synthesis

Photo of Piotr Piecuch

Piotr Piecuch

Quantum Chemistry and Physics

Photo of Timothy Warren

Timothy H. Warren

Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry for Catalysis and Biology