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Transcript Requirements for Admitted International Students

Michigan State University International Application Submission Instructions

If you choose to accept your offer to Michigan State University, please make sure the following items are submitted, as the MSU Office of Admissions requires these items.  Not providing the listed items will cause delay in your admittance and receiving your I-20.

MSU asks applicants to request official copies of ALL postsecondary academic records (transcripts, certificates, and diplomas) in separate, official, sealed envelopes from each issuing institution. These should be mailed directly to the department.

Generally, MSU does not accept graduation certificates in lieu of official copies of the diploma (or degree-granting transcripts, in which the degree name is listed, is noted as “awarded” or “conferred” and date of conferral is present – as many transcripts do NOT have this information, we ask for diplomas as proof of award). As such, we require proof of undergraduate degree award as the basic benchmark for admission to graduate studies.



For admission, applicants must arrange to have official copies of ALL work completed (undergraduate and, if applicable, graduate transcripts and degrees), in both Chinese and English, be sent to their departments by their Chinese institutions.* Some Chinese universities issue one transcript with both languages on it, rather than two separate documents; either way is fine. A diploma-style document called a graduation certificate is often submitted by applicants, but although this indicates that a student completed their degree program, it does not constitute proof that the bachelor’s degree has been conferred; it is not required by MSU, and does not meet our proof of degree requirement. If the student’s degree has been conferred, an official copy of that degree (a diploma-style document) in both Chinese and English must be submitted.


For admission, a three-year bachelor’s degree plus a two-year master’s degree, earned at official, governmentally-recognized institutions in India or Europe (Bologna Process countries) MSU views as equivalent to a four year US bachelor’s degree.


For admission, applicants should be sure to request official copies of the following: 1) The original language (Farsi) and English language transcript and 2) bachelor degree (karshenasi) diploma in the original language and English. This should be done early in the application process to ensure we receive the documents in a timely manner. Only documents received in official, sealed envelopes (unopened) from each university or appropriate ministry will be accepted as official.

Applicants are welcome to work with a friend/relative in Iran (as is the case in any country) to assist in requesting official documentation. The university or the friend/relative is welcome to mail the official documents in an official, sealed envelope (unopened) directly to the MSU department.

All   International Applicants



  • Transcripts and diplomas must come in sealed, issuing institution’s envelopes.
  • Sealed envelopes may be sent directly from the institution to the graduate department or they may be delivered, sealed, to the department by the student.
  • Records not issued in English must be submitted with a word-for- word English translation. Translations may be issued by the student’s institution or may be prepared by an authorized translator in the student’s home country or by an American Translator’s Association-certified translator in the US (for a certified American Translation Association agent see http://www.atanet.org/). Also: www.7clingo.com is an acceptable agency in Lansing, Michigan.
  • Applicants should NOT submit their only copy (or an institution’s only copy) of transcripts and diplomas. Our policy is not return ANY documentation we receive!