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In Case of Injury


Even the most meticulous of people may get careless or unlucky at times and bring upon themselves an injury.
The goal of this note is to review the procedures to be followed when one is injured. As always, serious and life threatening injuries should be handled by calling 911 or using "red phones" in the hallways, which will connect you to the East Lansing Emergency Dispatcher, with a few seconds delay as indicated on the phones. You should state the type of emergency (i.e. a heart attack) and the location of the injured person. Then send someone to the first floor to direct the paramedics to the injured person. Generally, the paramedics will wait outside until "it is safe for them to enter the Chemistry Building." This is especially true if there is a chemical spill or fire. The paramedics will transport the victim(s) to the appropriate medical facility, probably Sparrow Hospital.
  • Olin Health Center, East Circle Drive, 353-4660 (weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.; Saturday 9:00 a.m. to noon; closed Sunday) (Summer and semester break hours: weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; closed Saturday and Sunday).
  • Sparrow Hospital Emergency Department, 1215 E. Michigan Ave, Lansing, 483-2733 (open 24 hours).
It is very difficult to define "serious injuries" and "critical emergencies". Therefore, one may need to make such decisions on the spot. Considering the consequences, it is better to overestimate in emergency cases than underestimate.
If a non-emergency injury occurs during normal business hours, get an "Authorization to Invoice MSU" form (140-2665) from the Main Office, Room 320. This will assure the medical facility that the bill will be paid and should also speed up the treatment process itself. Note also that this form may be used to have Spartan Cab Company (485-4400, open 24 hours) provide transportation if needed. You do not have to pay the cab driver; he will be paid by worker's compensation.
Within 24 hours, a "Report of Claimed Injury or Illness" form (140-2592) should be completed in the Main Office. This paperwork will be distributed by the Main Office to the appropriate offices to ensure that all bills are paid.