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Chemistry Safety

EHS Chemistry Safety Officer

David Hurst

Chemistry Office: 332A Chemistry


EHS Office: Giltner Hall - Room 164

(517) 432-4328


Please contact David directly for the following:

  • New research requiring EHS approval
  • Injury in laboratory
  • General Questions/Comments

Please contact EHS office if:

  • David is unavailable in Chemistry
  • Immediate action is required
  • Radioactive approvals, biological safety approvals, and laser safety approvals

If you have safety concerns in Chemistry, please contact your representative on the Chemical Safety Committee or EHS above.

Committee Members 2020-21:

Ad hoc members:

    • Eric Hegg, CNS
    • Kevin Eisenbeis, EHS
    • J.R. Haywood, Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA)