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Also known as Campus VPN, MSU secure remote access, or F5 BIG-IP Edge, this service provides the MSU community with a secure connection to the MSU campus network. This VPN connection works from any location, whether in East Lansing or anywhere around the world.

Faculty, staff, retirees, trustees, and students can access and download the new Campus VPN (F5 BIG-IP Edge Client) using their MSU NetID at vpn.msu.edu.

Learn How to download F5 Campus VPN

When is it necessary to connect to Campus VPN?

Not everyone will need to connect to Campus VPN.

To determine if you need to connect:

  1. Test your application without the VPN.
  2. If your application does not work, connect to the VPN and test again.
  3. If it still doesn’t work, contact Chemistry IT at CEM.DL.ITStaff@msu.edu.

The following list of examples will help you determine whether or not to use the VPN: