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Graduate student Soumik Das receives NatSci Great IDEA fellowship

Chemistry Graduate Student Soumik Das from Professor Hamann's lab has received the Great IDEA fellowship. This fellowship promotes inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility in STEM.

Graduate student Soumik Das

He plans to include Career Panel Discussion (CPD) events that will be designed to help chemistry researchers with an understanding of future opportunities in industry after graduation. These events will feature a panel of alumni from our department, currently industry professionals from various fields, who will share career development information and other valuable insights into their respective industries. The CPD events will create a casual yet strong bridge between current students and our alumni, allowing for valuable networking opportunities and meaningful connections. It will also broaden the prospective job seeker’s perspective about different career paths.

This goal will be achieved by:

 Boosting student morale by welcoming researchers, their achievements, and participation. This can create opportunities for students to connect with each other and to feel valued for their ideas.

 Organizing CPD events to engage current researchers with MSU Chemistry alumni for career mentorship advice, which can help them to steer their career path and, in the meantime, will enhance their research productivity and encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities within dept.

 Creating a database/portal where our alumni from different companies can post job openings.