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New graduate student organization brings students together to promote safe research practices department wide

The Michigan State University Chemistry Department has a new graduate student led organization that prioritizes safety in research activities. The Research Safety Team (RST) was established to bridge the communication gap between graduate student safety officers and established safety organizations such as EHS and the safety committee. The team's mission is to increase safety awareness and promote a safety culture as a core institutional value in all academic and research endeavors within the Department of Chemistry.

RST logo

With the formation of RST and close collaboration with MSU’s EHS department, safety officers now have an official forum to discuss concerns with their peers, without the pressure or apprehension associated with asking departmental or university–level safety resources independently. If necessary, this organization can act as an intermediate to connect researchers to the appropriate resources within the university. This sense of community within the chemistry department is aimed to increase the overall safety and wellbeing of all students and researchers. Through regular meetings and regular postage, RST aims to equip students with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Students and researchers at all levels are encouraged to participate in RST’s meetings and events. Please contact the Chemistry Research Safety Team’s executive board at CEM.RST@msu.edu