Speaker Abstracts

All abstracts are in PDF format.

Hilary Calvert (University College London)

Clinical Development of Carboplatin: Succeeding Slowly is Better than Failing Fast

Michael Cleare (Skysong Innovations)

Serendipity, Persistence and Innovative Clinicians:  Comments on the Research, Development and Approval of Carboplatin

Matthew Hall (NIH)

The Pre-History and Future of Platinum Anticancer Drugs

James Hoeschele (Eastern Michigan University)

Discovery of the Antitumor Activity of Cisplatin:  Participants, Events and Impact

Stephen Lippard (MIT)

Understanding and Improving Cisplatin

Bernhard Lippert (Technische Universit├Ąt Dortmund)

Working with Barnett Rosenberg:  A Personal Appreciation of my Postdoctoral Time at MSU and on an Exciting Project, the Platinum Pyrimidine Blue

Sophia Lunt (MSU)

Deciphering Metabolic Rewiring in Cancer

Anna Moore (MSU)

Precision Nanomedicine in Cancer Therapy

Franco Muggia (NYU)

Platinums, BRCA Mutations, Impaired DNA Repair: Factors in the Cure of Women’s Cancer

Jetze Tepe (MSU)

Therapeutic Applications of Small Molecule Proteasome Activation