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Sidney Augustus Norton


Sidney Augustus Norton
Sidney Augustus Norton

Norton was educated (M.A. and M.D.) and later taught at several Ohio schools before becoming, in 1873, professor of general and applied chemistry at the newly established Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College (later, Ohio State University). For 20 years, Norton taught all courses offered by the chemistry department. His chief interest was in teaching, not research, and he excelled in the systematic presentation of subject matter, clarity of statement, and in the wealth of his lecture demonstrations. He wrote successful texts in physics and chemistry.

This portrait is dedicated to the memory of Professor Charles Norman ("Mac") McCarty (1909-1995), who was, for many years, an excellent lecturer and teacher of general and inorganic chemistry at Michigan State University. "Mac" prepared, with devoted scholarship, the first faculty genealogy chart. He was a dear colleague and friend.

Sponsor: Harold Hart

Location in chemistry building: First Floor; West Wing North Wall; Sequence 7

Source: Kedzie Collection