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Paul Ehrlich


Paul Ehrlich
Paul Ehrlich

This German-Jewish scientist's researches bridged the fields of Chemistry, Biology and Medicine; he is known as the Father of Chemotherapy. He invented a new staining technique for the tuberculosis bacillus, discovered uses of methylene blue in treating nervous disorders, developed a diagnostic reaction in the urine of typhoid patients, and made contributions to fever control and to eye diseases. But Ehrlich's greatest triumph was the discovery of the arsenic compound salvarsan (also known as "606"; 3,3'-diamino-4,4'-dihydroxyarsenobenzene dihydrochloride), the first effective cure for syphilis, his "magic bullet". He shared the 1908 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Sponsor: Barnett and Ritta Rosenberg

Location in chemistry building: First Floor; Room 138 South Wall; Sequence 7

Source: Edgar Fahs Smith Collection