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G Karabatsos

Photo of G Karabatsos


I continue my visits to Greece four to five times each year,dividing my time among Athens, Crete,Kerkyra ( Corfu ),and my home village in the southwestern end of the mainland.In Crete I visit with my young former colleagues in the department of chemistry,where I am the only Emeritus Chemistry Professor.In two of the visits--usually April and October--Marianna accompanies me for stays of about a month each time.

When I am in East Lansing,I go to my office on weekdays and visit with colleagues,attend the the Distinguished Lectureships lectures and occasionally a special colloquium.Most of the mornings I spend discussing politics and other subjects with Bill Reusch,a very close friend for over a half century.These discussions are most enjoyable to both of us,especially since we are "omoideates".

These days I m putting the finishing touches on my memoirs of the period 1940-1946,the years of the war and the occupation of us by the Nazis and the Italians. I have written them for our four children and for their children.