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Undergraduate Affairs Committee

The Undergraduate Affairs Committee has delegated authority for developing, implementing and reviewing Departmental undergraduate educational philosophy, policy, and procedures.  The purview of the Subcommittee shall include all aspects of the undergraduate curriculum, degree requirements, advising, course content, course changes, co-curricular and extracurricular education, and any other matter consistent with its change. The Undergraduate Affairs Committee shall report its activities to the Faculty Advisory Committee on a regular basis. The Undergraduate Affairs Committee shall consist of at least five regular faculty or specialist members including the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, one graduate student, and two undergraduate students.  The Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies shall normally serve as a Chairperson of the Committee. Faculty members shall be appointed by the end of the Spring semester to one-year terms which begin July 1st.   At least one member of the Committee, in addition to the Chairperson, shall have served on the Committee in the previous year.  The students shall be elected in the Spring to begin one-year terms on July 1st. 

Committee Members 2021-2022

  • Gary Blanchard-Committee Chair
  • Amy Pollock (ex-officio)
  • Sheba Onchiri, Undergraduate Advisor (ex-officio)
  • Ginny Cangelosi
  • Kathy Severin
  • Chrysoula Vasileiou
  • Johanna Herman
  • Jim McCusker
  • Kevin Walker
  • John McCracken
  • Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Graduate Student Representative