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Safety Committee

The Safety Committee shall encourage reasonable and proper laboratory and building practices and shall conduct periodic safety inspections in an advisory capacity. The Safety Committee shall consist of the Department Chairperson (ex officio), at least two other faculty members, an appointed safety officer, and one graduate and one undergraduate student. The faculty members and the graduate student shall be selected by the end of Spring semester.

Committee Members 2021-2022

  • Xuefei Huang, Associate Chair for Research
  • Rob Maleczka, Department Chair (ex-officio)
  • Aaron Odom (Chair)
  • Gary Blanchard
  • Jetze Tepe
  • Warren Beck
  • Dan Holmes
  • Arzoo Chhabra (Graduate Student Representative)
  • Jordyn Bryce (Undergraduate Student Representative)
  • Genevieve Cottrell, EHS rep.
  • David Hurst, EHS Chemistry Safety Officer
  • Brianna Davis, Chemistry rep.
  • Brenda Minott, Chemistry rep./Department Administrator
  • Bob Rasico, Chemistry rep./Operations Engineer
  • Dave Voss, Chemistry rep.

Ad hoc members

  • Eric Hegg, CNS
  • Kevin Eisenbeis, EHS
  • J.R. Haywood, Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA)