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Group News

October 2022...Congratulations to Fatemeh Parvis on her new position as a senior scientist at Genentech in San Fransisco.

May 2022...We say goodbye to Simphiwe as she heads back home to South Africa. She completed outstanding work using diamond electrodes to detect and oxidatively remediate diclofenac and carbamazepine.

May 2022...Congratulations to Shashika Sabaragamuwejayasundara for passing his 2nd year oral examination to advance to candidacy.

April 2022...Congratulations to Isuri Dammulla on her published manuscript,

  • Dammulla IN, Swain GM. Inhibiting the Oxygen Reduction Reaction Kinetics on Carbon Fiber Epoxy Composites Through Diazonium Surface Modification-Impacts on the Galvanic Corrosion of Coupled Aluminum Alloys, J. Electrochem. Soc. 2022, 169, 071501.

March 2022...Congratulations to Isuri Dammulla and Jack Walton for winning 1st and 3rd place, respectively, in the student poster competition at   The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP)/NACE Corrosion Conference (March 6-10, 2022 – San Antonio, TX). 

March 2022....We say goodbye to Maiyara as she heads back home to Brazil. She played an instrumental role in getting our work started using modified inkjet-printed electrodes for measuring the pH of exhaled breath condensate and other biological fluids.

January 2022...We welcome Aaron Jacobs to the group as a new Ph.D graduate student.

September 2021...We welcome Simphiwe Zwane (Fulbright Scholar, University of South Africa) and Maiyara Prete (CAPES Fellow, State University of Londrinas (UEL), Brazil) to the group. They both greatly add to the intellectual and ethnic diversity of the group.

August 2021...Congratulations to Sarah McFall-Boegeman for successfully defending her Ph.D. dissertation. She now embarks on a position at Henkel Technologies.

July 2021...Congratulations to Skye Henderson for being selected as the 1st Place Winner in the poster session at the recent MSU Chemistry and ChEMS graduate student  symposium, partly sponsored by Dow Chemical Company, that included workshops, posters, and oral presentations.

May 2021...We welcome Gynesis Vance (REU program), Victoria Robinson (REPID program) and Ariana Miller (BPNP program) to conduct summer research projects.

January 2021....Congratulations to Sarah for her paper in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society.

November 2020....Congratulations to Shruthi on the successful defense of her dissertation. Welcome to the working world!! Good luck with the new job at Novelis. (Now at Rivian - Electric Vehicles)

August 2020....Congratulations to Skye for being selected as a 2020-22 Trainee in the IPSTP (T32) - Integrative Pharmacological Sciences Training Program at MSU!

August 2020....Congratulations to Sarah for being selected as a 2020-21 Fellow in the FAST - Future Academic Scholars in Teaching Program, and a 2020-21 Trainee in the MSU BEST - Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training program.

July 2020....Good luck to Shruthi as she begins her internship at Novelis (Atlanta, GA).

June 2020....Research in the laboratory resumes on a part time basis.

March - June 2020....Laboratory research suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

November 2019...We welcome new Ph.D. graduate students to the group: Nick Knowles, Zack Smith and Isuri Dammulla

August 2019...Congratulations to Kirti Bhardwaj on her successful Ph.D. defense. Good luck on your postdoctoral work at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

July 2019...We welcome Samuel Mattoso from the Federal University of Sao Carlos (Brazil) for a short-term research stay in the group. He will be studying the electrochemical properties of ultrananocrystalline diamond-coated powders.

June 2019...We welcome a High School Honors Science Program (HSHSP) scholar, Amy Zhang, for the summer!

May 2019...Congratulations to Romana on her successful Ph.D. defense. Good luck on your neuroelectrochemical postdoctoral work at the University of Kansas!

January 2019....Welcome to the group Jack Walton, Skye Russell and Fatemeh Parvis!!

September 2018...Just returned from a wonderful two-week trip to Czech Republic as part of the Fulbright Specialist Program. The lectures and tutorials were given:

Palacký University (Olomouc), September 17, 2018

Institute of Biophysics, Czech Academy of Sciences (Brno), September 18, 2018

Heyrovsky Institute (Prague), September 21, 2018

Charles University (Prague), September 24, 2018 (tutorial on carbon electrochemistry)

Charles University (Prague), September 25, 2018

Institute of Physics of CAS (Prague), September 26, 2018


August 2018...Romana made an oral presentation on  her ionic liquid research at ACS Boston.

August 2018...The group welcomed Antonio White (NCCU, postbacc PREP) for a rotation.

The group welcomed Donte Williams (Jackson State Univ., BRUSH Fellow), Man Kuan Lei (MSU, DO Program and REPID Fellow) and Karis Barnett (UMBC, SROP summer intern) and Sandra McClure (REU summer intern) this summer to conduct independent research projects.

April 2018...Congratulations to Shruthi, Jack and Sarah for receiving Travel Awards to attend the NACE CORROSION Conference. Congratulations to Jack for winning 3rd place in a student poster competition.

February 2018...Congratulations to Sarah and former student Catherine Munson on their publication in Electrochimica Acta.

January 2018...Congratulations to Shruthi T. for her paper that was just accepted for publication in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society.

January 2018...The group welcomes Maria Nevarez Martinez to the group  as a 1st year Ph.D. student. Maria joins us from the Escuela Politecnica Nacional - Ecuador.

December 2017...The group welcomes Sarah McFall-Boegeman and Emily Groth as 1st year PhD students.

December 2017...We say goodbye to Victoria Perugachi from the Escuela Politecnica Nacional - Ecuador, who finished up her 6-month research stay.

July 2017...Congratulations to Catherine on her successful Ph.D. defense and on the new job at Chemeon.

April 28, 2017...Greg gave the ACS Awards Lecture in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kansas...Go Jayhawks!

Boron-Doped Diamond and Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon: Next-Generation Electrodes for Electroanalysis

April 2017...Contratulations to Brandon and Catherine for having their paper, Structure and Corrosion Performance of a Non-Chromium Process (NCP) Zr/Zn Pretreatment Conversion, recognized as a highlighted paper from Electrochemical Society journals.


April 2017...Congratulations ro Elizabeth, Vanessa, Jack and Chris for their oral and poster presentations at UURAF! Jack won a first-place award for his presentation on TCP coating research. Great job all!!

March 2017...The group's work on the TCP conversion coatings was presented at CORROSION 2017.

March 2017...Congratulations to Romana, Kirti and Brandon on their presentations at Pittcon (Chicago, IL).

January 2017...We welcome Elizabeth Espinosa and Vanessa Maldonado (Escuela Politecnica Nacional - Ecuador) to the group as visiting scholars.

December 2016...We thank the following undergraduate students for their fine efforts on research over the past semester: Chris Mcallister, Jack Walton, Mattie Pawlowski and Sandra Mcclure.

November 2016...Welcome to - Shruthi Tiruchirapallikumarraj,  a new Ph.D. student who joined the group.

October 2016...Congratulations to Brandon for his paper published in J. Electrochem. Soc.

September 2016...Congratulations to Romana and Ke Ma for their paper published in Langmuir.

September 2016...Congratulations to Romana and Joy for their paper published in Analyst.

August 2016...Congratulations to Romana and Catherine for their paper in Physica Status Solidi A: Applications and Material Science.

May 2016...Congratulations to Naihara, Catherine and Romana on their paper published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

May 2016...Welcome to the following high school students who are conducting independent research  in the group during the summer: Maggie Gajda (Army Education Outreach Program: HSAP Fellowship), Monica Davis (Army Education Outreach Program: HSAP Fellowship), Lottie Jay (ONR) and Rebecca Lisk (High School Honors Science Program, MSU).

May 2016...Welcome to the following undergraduate students who are conducting independent research in the group during the summer: Charlie Turcotte (Army Education Outreach Program: URAP Fellowship), Simon Sanchez (St. Mary's University, TX, NSF ENDURE REU intern) and Hector Colon (University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez, NSF REU intern).

February 1, 2016....Congratulations to Serban and Brandon for acceptance of the PON sensor paper in Analyst.

January 2016....New collaborations established with faculty in the Department of Medicine and the Lung Transplant Program on the development of a non-invasive breath analyzer for measuring trace levels of NO and PON.

January 2016....New collaborations established with faculty in the Departments of Physiology, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Small Animal Clinical Sciences and EPFL (Switzerland) on the development of a "smart bandage".

November 4, 2015....Brandon, Catherine and Andre presented their work at ANACHEM.

August 11-13, 2015....Presented a progress report  at the annual SBA program review held at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Potomac, MD.

August 8, 2015....Special thanks to Joy R., Joy Q., Abneil, Darryl, Paulo, Diego and Michal for excellent work on their summer projects!! It was a joy having them in the lab. Most of the work will lead to publications!!

July 20, 2015....On Wednesday (7/22), Joy, Abneil, Darryl, Paulo and Diego will present their summer research results as a poster presentation at Mid-SURE (Breslin Center) and on Friday (7/24), Darryl, Paulo and Diego will present their results as an oral presentation in the Chemistry REU Symposium.

April 9, 2015...See some of our diamond microelecrode work highlighted in C&E News.


April 9, 2015....Special issue of Diamond and Related Materials from NDNC 2014.

April 9, 2015....link to an article on our conference in the Brazilian Society of Chemistry monthly newsletter...


March 22-26, 2015...Along with Romeu Rocha-Filho, co-organized the ISE Topical Meeting in Angra dos Reis (Brazil) entitled "Electrochemical Properties and Applications of Advanced Carbon Materials". Week of March 30-April 4...presented a seminar "Electrochemistry of Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon Electrodes" to the students and faculty at UFSCar, Sao Carlos, Brazil.

March 16-19, 2015...Attending Corrosion 2015 (NACE) in Dallas. Presenting a "Research in Progress" seminar on our trivalent chromium process conversion coating work. Liangliang Li received the 2014 Best Paper Award in the journal, Corrosion.

March 9-12, 2015...Organized a symposium at Pittcon entitled "Carbon Materials: Electrochemistry and Beyond". Also presented an invited lecture in the symposium entitled "New Electrodes for Neuroscience". Brandon presented some of his work on the electrochemistry of ta-C:N electrodes.

September 19 and 20, 2014...Brandon and Romana will present their work at ElectrochemistryOhio in Columbus, OH.

September 7-11, 2014...Diamond and Carbon Material Conference in Madrid, Spain.

August 2014...Congratulations to Bruna and Tiago for their recently accepted paper in Electrochimica Acta.

August 2014...The group and several other co-PIs were awarded a DURIP instrument grant (65086-CH-RIP) from the U.S. Department of Army for the purchase of a Raman and Photoluminescence Imaging System.

August 2014...The Department has been awarded a new training grant from the NSF (CHE-1358842), "REU Site: Cross-Disciplinary Training in Sustainable Chemistry and Chemical Processes." The first group of undergraduate student interns will be the summer of 2015.

August 2014.... Azeez Ibrahim (SROP), Yogesh Modi Kumar (Bose Scholar), Prerna Priyadarshani (Khorana Scholar) and Joy Qiu (High School Honors Science Program, MSU) all completed very successful summer research projects. Thanks to them for all of their hard work. It was a pleasure working with them all!

July 2014...Successful FY14 Sea-Based Aviation Structures & Materials Program Review.

April 2014...Congratulations to Ricardo, Boris and Marion for the recent paper in Analyst.


 My good friends and collaborators at UFSCar (Sao Carlos, Brazil) - Romeu Rocha-Filho and Orlando Fatibello-Filho.

 My good friends and collaborators at UFSCar (Sao Carlos, Brazil) - Romeu Rocha-Filho and Orlando Fatibello-Filho.


My good friend and postdoc advisor, Professor Kingo Itaya (Sendai, Japan) at his retirement celebration! Great career.

My good friend and postdoc advisor, Professor Kingo Itaya (Sendai, Japan) at his retirement celebration! Great career.


Great meeting at Pittcon 2014!

Great meeting at Pittcon 2014!

April 2014...Congratulations to Ricard B., Boris D. and Marion France for their recent paper in Analyst.

April 2014...Congratulations to Ricardo B. and Boris D. for their recent paper in Talanta.

April 2014...Congratulations to Liangliang Li and Brandon Whitman for their recent paper in J. Electrochemical Society.

April 2014...The group will welcome a number of high school, undergraduate and graduate students for the summer and fall starting in May. Lenin Dalia and Andres Ramon (Universidad Central del Ecuador), Romana Javosova (Charles University, Czech Rep), Prerna Pryadarshani (Khorana Fellow), Yogesh Kumar Modi (S.N. Bose Scholar), Paula Bezerra (UFSCar, Brazil) and Azeez Ibrahim (SROP).

Dec 2013...Greg Swain co-organized a symposium at MRS 2013 (Boston, MA) entitled Diamond VII: Diamond Electronics and Biotechnology: Fundamentals to Applications. The symposium was well attended and the science was good. We are already working on Diamond VIII for MRS 2014.

Dec 2013...Congratulations to Dr. Liangliang Li who graduated this month and will begin a position at Novelis (GA) in January as a Senior Engineer/Coatings Specialist. Way to go LLL!

Dec 2013...Congratulations to Dr. Matt Fhaner (Ph.D. 2012) for completing his postdoc with the USDA (IA) and for his new faculty position in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Michigan at Flint.

Dec 2013...Greg Swain completed a productive two-week research visit in Brazil with colleagues Professors Romeu Rocha Filho and Orlando Fatibello Filho of UFSCar (São Carlos). It was wonderful to see Ricardo, Bruna and Boris again!

Dec 2013...Ricardo Brocenschi had his paper accepted in the Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry.....Electrochemical Oxidation of Estrone: Response Comparison for Glassy Carbon, Nitrogen-Containing Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon and Boron-Doped Diamond Thin-Film Electrodes. Brocenschi, RF; Rocha-Filho, RC; Li, L; Swain GM. J. Electroanal. Chem. 712 (2014) 207-214.