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Group News

February 2024...We welcome graduate students, Maggie Conway and Stevie Adams, to the group. They will be researching electrosynthetic processes at boron-doped diamond electrodes and the chemical modification of carbon electrodes to control electrode reaction kinetics, respectively. Welcome aboard!!

January 2024...Congratulations to Skye Henderson on her new position at Gentex Corp. (MI).

November 2023...Congratulations to former student, Dr. Kirti Bhardwaj (Los Alamos National Lab), who has been nominated for a DOE award recognizing her contributions to the preparation of an important radionuclide used to treat prostate cancer. A patent application on the science and technology has been submitted.

November 2023...Congratulations to Fatemeh Parvis on the publication of her paper.

Manuscript No.: jp-2023-06041nTitle: Voltammetric and Capacitance Behavior of Optically Transparent Diamond Electrodes in Room Temperature Ionic LiquidsFatemehsadat Parvis, Gary J Blanchard, Greg M SwainJ. Phys. Chem C,  Manuscript accepted

September 2023...Congratulations to Isuri Dammulla on the publication of her paper,

Inhibiting Metal Galvanic and Carbon Corrosion in Aluminum Alloy-Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Joints by Spontaneous Deposition of Diazonium Adlayers on Exposed Carbon Fibers.

Isuri Dammulla and Greg M. Swain

J. Electrochem. Soc. 2023, 170, 071501

September 2023...We welcome an African Alliance Partnership Fellow, Dr. Alice Njue (Egerton University, Kenya), to the group. She will spend the next year working on the development of electrochemical sensors and immunosensors for detecting biomarkers of infection in wounds and exhaled breath condensate.

September 2023...Congratulations to Jack Walton on his Postdoctoral Fellowship at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

September 2023...Congratulations to Skye Henderson on the publication of her paper,

Ex Vivo Electrochemical Monitoring of Cholinergic Signaling in the Mouse Colon Using an Enzyme-Based Biosensor

Skye Henderson, Madison Strait, Roxanne Fernandes, Hui Xu, James J. Galligan* and Greg M. Swain*

ACS Chemical Neuroscience  202314, 3460-3471 
August 2023...Congratulations to Skye Henderson and Jack Walton for completing the defense of their dissertations. Well done. We look forward to seeing you both progress in your careers!!

April 2023...We welcome doctoral student, Maral Rahim Soroush, to the group. Her research will involve studies of the electrochemical properties of boron-doped diamond powder and tetrahedral amorphous carbon electrodes.

March 2023...Congratulations to Aaron Jacobs for passing his 2nd year oral examination on his work developing electrochemical sensors for measuring biomarkers of infection on exhaled breath condensate.

February 2023...We welcome doctoral student, Rosemary Augustine, to the group. Her research will involve chemically modified carbon electrodes. 

December 2022...Congratulations to Jack Walton on the publication of his paper, 

The Electrochemical Behavior of As-Prepared Aluminum Alloy A360 Produced by Selective Laser Melting Fabrication with and without a Trivalent Chromium Process Conversion Coating

Jack Walton, Lucas Rice, Sarah McFall-Boegeman and Greg M Swain*

J. Electrochem. Soc. 2022169, 121501

December 2022...Congratulations to Skye Henderson on the publication of her paper,

In Vitro Monitoring of Nitric Oxide Release in the Mouse Colon Using a Boron-Doped Diamond Microelectrode Modified with Platinum Nanoparticles and Nafion.

Skye Henderson, Kirti Bhardwaj, Victoria Perugachi, Patricio Espinoza-Montero, James J. Galligan* and Greg M. Swain*

Analytical Chemistry 2023, 95:1027-1073

November 2022...Congratulations to Fatemeh Parvis on her new position as a senior scientist at Genentech in San Fransisco.

May 2022...We say goodbye to Simphiwe as she heads back home to South Africa. She completed outstanding work using diamond electrodes to detect and oxidatively remediate diclofenac and carbamazepine.

May 2022...Congratulations to Shashika Sabaragamuwejayasundara for passing his 2nd year oral examination to advance to candidacy.

April 2022...Congratulations to Isuri Dammulla on her published manuscript,

Dammulla IN, Swain GM. Inhibiting the Oxygen Reduction Reaction Kinetics on Carbon Fiber Epoxy Composites Through Diazonium Surface Modification-Impacts on the Galvanic Corrosion of Coupled Aluminum Alloys 

J. Electrochem. Soc. 2022,169, 071501.

March 2022...Congratulations to Isuri Dammulla and Jack Walton for winning 1st and 3rd place, respectively, in the student poster competition at...

The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP)/NACE Corrosion Conference (March 6-10, 2022 – San Antonio, TX). 

March 2022....We say goodbye to Maiyara as she heads back home to Brazil. She played an instrumental role in getting our work started using modified inkjet-printed electrodes for measuring the pH of exhaled breath condensate and other biological fluids.

January 2022...We welcome Aaron Jacobs to the group as a new Ph.D graduate student.

September 2021...We welcome Simphiwe Zwane (Fulbright Scholar, University of South Africa) and Maiyara Prete (CAPES Fellow, State University of Londrinas (UEL), Brazil) to the group. They both greatly add to the intellectual and ethnic diversity of the group.

August 2021...Congratulations to Sarah McFall-Boegeman for successfully defending her Ph.D. dissertation. She now embarks on a position at Henkel Technologies.

July 2021...Congratulations to Skye Henderson for being selected as the 1st Place Winner in the poster session at the recent MSU Chemistry and ChEMS graduate student  symposium, partly sponsored by Dow Chemical Company, that included workshops, posters, and oral presentations.

May 2021...We welcome Gynesis Vance (REU program), Victoria Robinson (REPID program) and Ariana Miller (BPNP program) to conduct summer research projects.

January 2021....Congratulations to Sarah for her paper in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society.

November 2020....Congratulations to Shruthi on the successful defense of her dissertation. Welcome to the working world!! Good luck with the new job at Novelis. (Now at Rivian - Electric Vehicles)

August 2020....Congratulations to Skye for being selected as a 2020-22 Trainee in the IPSTP (T32) - Integrative Pharmacological Sciences Training Program at MSU!

August 2020....Congratulations to Sarah for being selected as a 2020-21 Fellow in the FAST - Future Academic Scholars in Teaching Program, and a 2020-21 Trainee in the MSU BEST - Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training program.

July 2020....Good luck to Shruthi as she begins her internship at Novelis (Atlanta, GA).

June 2020....Research in the laboratory resumes on a part time basis.



 My good friends and collaborators at UFSCar (Sao Carlos, Brazil) - Romeu Rocha-Filho and Orlando Fatibello-Filho.

 My good friends and collaborators at UFSCar (Sao Carlos, Brazil) - Romeu Rocha-Filho and Orlando Fatibello-Filho.


My good friend and postdoc advisor, Professor Kingo Itaya (Sendai, Japan) at his retirement celebration! Great career.

My good friend and postdoc advisor, Professor Kingo Itaya (Sendai, Japan) at his retirement celebration! Great career.


Great meeting at Pittcon 2014!

Great meeting at Pittcon 2014!