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Hamann Research Group

Photo of the Hamann Group.

Our interdisciplinary research interests are focused on solving problems related to solar energy conversions and energy storage. Specific problems of interest include investigations of homogenous and heterogenous electron-transfer reactions, synthesis of novel nano structured materials, development and investigations of photovoltaic and photoelectrochemical systems, electrocatalysis, and photocatalysis.

Please refer to our Research page or Publications page to learn more.


News & Announcements

12/8/21 Oluwafemi Abubakar and Xiaoyin Zhang join the group. Welcome! 

12/8/21 Austin defends his PhD! Congrats Dr. Raithel! 

11/18/20 Parisa defends her PhD! Congrats Dr. Shadabipour!

4/1/20 Dr. Susanne Miller joins group as a new postdoc! Welcome Suzi! 

12/10/19 Yujue defends her PhD! Congrats Dr. Wang!

12/02/19 Soumik Das, Samhita Kaushik and Prabodha Balapuwaduge join the group. Welcome!

9/1/19 Dr. Chenjia Mi joins group as a new postdoc! Welcome Chenjia! 

5/10/19 Faeze' and Hamed depart for postdoc jobs in the Berlinguette and Castellano groups, respectively. Good luck! You will be missed.

4/26/19 Faeze' defends her PhD! Congrats Dr. Habib Zadeh!

4/15/19 Geletu Qing moves to new PD position. Good luck Geletu!

11/20/18 Ben Cecil, Eric Firestone, and Shane Jackowski join the group. Welcome!

7/1/18 Tom is promoted to Full Professor. 

6/21/18 Hamed defends his PhD! Congrats Dr. Hajibabaei!

3/1/18 Tae Yon (Tim) Kim—new postdoc–arrives! Welcome Tim!

1/17/18 Tom starts new gig as Associate Editor of ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. 

1/8/18 Josh defends his PhD! Congrats Dr. Baillargeon! 

11/28/17 Morteza joins the group. Welcome!

10/5/17 Hupp 60th Birthday Forum in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces is published!

9/25/17 Xiaoyang arrives as visiting CSC student from Xi’an Jiaotong University - Welcome! 

8/8/17 Yuan defends her PhD! Congrats Dr. Gao!

8/1/17 Qiong leaves for China before her new chapter in Germany. Good luck! 

7/18/17 Mandal defends his PhD! Congrats Dr. Mandal!

5/10/17 Dan defends his PhD! Congrats Dr. Little!
5/6/17 Huppapalooza was a big success! Happy Birthday Joe!
5/5/17 Dan, Mandal, Yuan and Josh walk at commencement! 
4/24/17 Geletu Qing—new postdoc–arrives! Welcome Geletu!
3/29/17 Hamed and Yuan were awarded CNS Dissertation Completion Fellowships. Congratulations!
12/22/16 Emerging Investigators in Inorganic Photochemistry and Photophysics
12/1/16 Austin and Parisa join the group. Welcome!
4/29/16 Arianna’s last day. Sad to see you go, but we wish you best of luck!
3/30/16 Mandal was awarded a CNS Dissertation Completion Fellowship. Congratulations!
3/25/16 Hamed was awarded the 2016 ESPP Climate, Food, Energy and Water Summer Research Fellowship! Congratulations!
1/25/16 Qiong Wang—new postdoc–arrives! Welcome Qiong!
1/4/16 Yuling defends her thesis! Congratulations Dr. Xie! 
11/6/15 Tom is honored to become a Camille and Henry Dreyfus Postdoctoral mentor!

8/24/15 Omid defends his thesis! Congratulations Dr. Zandi! Good luck in Texas
4/26/15 Dan wins SOFI poster award at 1st International Solar Fuels Conference! Congratulations!
4/18/15 Dillon is Awarded a Thomas Alan Deline Scholarship! Congratulations!
3/19/15 First Joint-Super-Group Meeting with Bartlett and Maldonado Groups
3/9/15 SEAC 2015 Royce W. Murray Young Investigator Award Symposium!
Sponsored by Pine Research Instruments—thank you!!
2/24/15 Tom attends Kavli Frontier of Science Symposium in Jerusalem—Check out the talks online
1/7/15 Kelley defends her thesis! Congratulations Dr. Young!
12/1/14 Faezeh and Hua-Kuang Join the group. Welcome!
12/1/14 Yujue and Hamed Join the group. Welcome!
11/3/14 Tom attends Molecular Frontiers Symposium and Materials for Tomorrow in Gothenburg
9/5/14 Tom is very honored to become the inaugural James Dye Chair of Materials Chemistry!
6/24/14 Tom runs the 3rd edition of the International Conference on New Advances in Materials Research for Solar Fuels Production
6/17/14 Omid’s Live Slide Presentation is online—check it out!
6/6/14 Jorge arrives (new potdoc). Welcome! 
4/11/14 Tom is honored to find out he will receive the 2015 Royce W. Murray Young Investigator Award from the Societry for Electroanalytical Chemistry!
3/31/14 Arianna arrives (new joint postdoc with the Smith group). Welcome!
3/3/14 Tom gives talk at Joe Hupps Reilley Award Symposium. Congrats Joe!
1/19—24/14 Tom and Omid attend the GRC Solar Fuels
8/6/13 Tom attends the Transatlantic Frontiers of Chemistry Symposium
7/1/13 Tom gets tenure!!
5/20/13 Mandal passes his 2nd year oral exam. Congratulations!
5/15/13 Tom receives a Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award!
5/7/13 Omid passes his 2nd year oral exam. Congratulations!
4/24/13 Ben defends his thesis! Congratulations Dr. Klahr!
3/15/13 Congratulations Josh for receiving an Excellence in Teaching award!
2/23/13 Omid received a DIC Travel award to attend the spring ACS meeting: Congratulations!
11/27/12 Josh, Stephanie, Yuan and Dan join the group. Welcome aboard!

11/1/12 Jesse defends his thesis! Congratulations Dr. Ondersma!