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Group Members




3rd year graduate student
M.S. Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S. Engineering with Chemical Emphasis, Hope College
Samridhi Satija
3rd year graduate student
Chemistry Building, Room 509
M.S. Chemistry, University of Delhi
B.S. Chemistry, University of Delhi

Paige Abel

Ph.D. Nuclear Chemistry, Michigan State University
Thesis: Isotope Harvesting of Aqueous Phase Ions from Heavy-Ion Fragmentation Facilities for the Production of Ca-47/Sc-47 Generator
B.S. Chemistry and Mathematics, Saint Mary's College
Paige first joined the Isotope Harvesting Group in October 2016, where she collected and purified Ca-47, the parent of Sc-47. Sc-47 and several other scandium isotopes have the potential to serve as diagnostic and therapeutic isotopes for metastatic cancer. Paige graduated from the group in December 2020