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Current Research Support

NIH R01 AG066223-01A1 (PI, Tepe)                                                    09/15/19-05/31/23
Title: Small molecule induced proteolytic destruction of intrinsically disordered proteins

NIH-IGNITE 1R61NS111347-01A1 (PI, Tepe)                                      12/01/19-11/31/22
Title: Development of cellular HTS for 20S proteasome enhancers

NIH R21 AG061306-01 (PI, Tepe)                                                         12/01/19-11/31/21
Title: Multiparameter optimization of new phenothiazines for proteasome activation

International Myeloma Foundation (PI, Tepe)                                      01/01/19-12/31/19
Title: Targeting c-Myc degradation to treat myeloma