Proper Lab Dress

Laboratory safety begins with proper Laboratory Attire...

Shorts, Capri Pants, Short Pants, sandals, flip-flops, open-toed shoes are all NOT ALLOWED in the MSU General Chemistry Laboratories.  
Below are example of improper attire.

mary janes

Shoes that expose the top of the foot are not acceptable

no shorts

Shorts are Not allowed 

short pants are not allowed

This one is a double problem.  Short pants are not allowed and neither are sandals. 

capri pants

Capri pants are not acceptable. 

non-full length dresses are not acceptable

Dresses that do not cover the feet are not acceptable. 


Leggings are not acceptable if there is any gap between the bottom and the shoes. This person has the wrong shoes. 
Remember when in doubt if you see skin at the ankle it's not acceptable. 

almost but not quite

This is almost correct.  This person even has a lab coat on, but still there is exposed skin on the top of the foot.  This is possibly the worse case as a broken piece of glass or spilled chemical will land right on the exposed top of the foot.  

bare midriff 1

Bare Midriff is not acceptable for women or men!

Ankles are not the only place were exposed skin can be a probelm.  Bare Midriff is not acceptable for women or men! (yes we have seen this in lab!)
You could lean against the lab bench and suffer a chemical burn or bump a piece of lab equipment.   

muscle shirts

Muscle shirts are not acceptable.  Any exposed skin on the side could be a problem, just like the example above.  But also these shirts tend to get caught on equipment and can cause you to accidentally knock over your experiment.  
There are many more examples of what not to wear.  But the easiest way to dress appropriate is remember that if you hold your hands above your head, look down and if you see any exposed skin between your neckline and floor, you need to change your clothes! even rips at the knees are not allowed!!!!!
Here are a few examples of appropriate dress.
By far the best thing you can wear is T-shirt, Jeans, and tennis shoes. most of these types of clothes are made of cotton, which is a better lab material than synthetic fibers.

Don't wear your best, as you may spills something on them,  but remember the legs must be intact (no ripped knees!)

jeans 2

Dresses are not ideal,  But if you must wear one for religious or other personal reason, it must cover your feet and you must wear close toed shoes.

full length dress

Leggings are very popular these days,  but they are far from ideal.  Many times such items are made from syntehtic fibers which may react with chemicals or are easy to catch on fire.  

If you choose to wear them, be sure there is no gap between the bottom and your shoes!


There is no leeway in the safety rules!
safety cartoon