For emergencies (such as fire, chemical spill, electrical power outage, ...) which require evacuation of the Chemistry Building, emergency coordinators are vital to achieving an orderly, safe, and complete evacuation.
When the fire/evacuation alarm sounds, or a voice message is given over the public address system, or the lights go out:
  • All students, faculty, visitors, and employees NOT assigned to assist in the evacuation:
    • Promptly and orderly leave the building (taking coats, briefcases, etc., which may be needed before the building can be re-entered).
    • Go to our rally site (in front of the Shaw bus terminal and on the northeast corner of Farrall Agriculture Engineering Building).
    • Remain there until cleared to leave by a supervisor.
  • All emergency coordinators having a floor assignment (see list, below):
    • Gather by the elevators on their assigned floors, being sure to wear their yellow hard-hats and to bring their kit, flashlight, and evacuation check list.
    • If any emergency coordinator is absent, another on that floor will phone the command center (see bottom of page) and a floater will be sent, or assignments altered, to ensure coverage of the absent person's responsibilities.
    • Conduct a sweep check of their assigned areas, knocking on closed doors and alerting everyone to the emergency and requesting that they leave the building, and closing all open doors.
    • Take the end stairwell to the 1st floor and report to the floater (the one with a radio, from the list below) the status of the sweep and any problems noted on the checklist. The floater will relay this information to the evacuation coordinator who will compile it onto an emergency team leader's checklist and give it to the incident commander (a police or fire officer) to report the completeness of the sweeps and evacuation and to alert the incident commander of any problems that need addressing.
  • All emergency coordinators having an entrance assignment (see list, below):
    • When the sweeps are completed and reported, the emergency coordinators will go to their entrance assignments (see list, below) to ensure that no one re-enters the building before the building is secured by the police or declared safe to enter.
NOTE: All employees, after leaving the building, will gather at our rally site (in front of the Shaw bus terminal and on the northeast corner of Farrall Agriculture Engineering Building) and MUST NOT leave without the knowledge of, and permission from, their supervisor.
NOTE: In accordance with the directive from the MSU Vice President for Finance and Operations that every building have an annual fire drill, DPPS intends to give us only one noisy day a year by combining our fire drill with their annual testing of our building's fire/evacuation alarm system. Those not leaving the building during the drill can expect to explain their inaction to a police officer.