EHS Chemistry Safety Officer and Safety Committee


EHS Chemistry Safety Officer

David Hurst

 Chemistry Office: 332A Chemistry

 EHS Office: Giltner Hall - Room 164

 (517) 432-4328


Please contact David directly for the following:

  • New research requiring EHS approval
  • Injury in laboratory
  • General Questions/Comments

Please contact EHS office if:

  • David is unavailable in Chemistry
  • Immediate action is required
  • Radioactive approvals, biological safety approvals, and laser safety approvals


Committee Members 2018-19:

  • Warren Beck, Physical Chemistry rep.
  • Xuefei Huang, Associate Chair for Research
  • Rob Maleczka, Department Chair (ex-officio) – Committee Chair
  • Aaron Odom, Inorganic Chemistry rep.
  • Greg Swain, Analytical Chemistry rep.
  • Jetze Tepe, Organic Chemistry rep.
  • Genevieve Cottrell, EHS rep.
  • David Hurst, EHS Chemistry Safety Officer
  • Brianna Davis, Chemistry rep.
  • Brenda Minott, Chemistry rep./Department Administrator
  • Bob Rasico, Chemistry rep./Operations Engineer
  • Joe Ward, Chemistry rep.

Ad hoc members:

  • Dave DeWitt, Senior Associate Dean, CNS
  • Kevin Eisenbeis, Director, EHS
  • J.R. Haywood, Assistant Vice President, Office of Regulatory Affairs