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Xuefei Huang group, in collaboration with Angela Wilson group from MSU and Jian Liu group from Univ. of North Carolina, has recently published a study highlighted as back cover article in RSC Chemical Science

MSU Foundation Prof. Xuefei Huang’s recent study highlighted as Back Cover Article in RSC Chemical Science

Chemistry Professor Xuefei Huang and co-workers recently collaborated with Chemistry Professor Angela Wilson’s group and Dr. Jian Liu at the University of North Carolina to synthesize heparan sulfate proteoglycan glycopeptides bearing multiple aspartic acids in the core peptide and acid sensitive O- and N-sulfations in the carbohydrate chain for the first time. The availability of such a well-defined structure enabled analysis of the respective effects of the carbohydrate and the core peptide on functions of the glycopeptide.

Chemical synthesis of human syndecan-4 glycopeptide bearing O-, N-sulfation and multiple aspartic acids for probing impacts of the glycan chain and the core peptide on biological functions. Chem. Sci., 2020, 11, 6393-6404.