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Professor Piotr Piecuch named Lecturer

Professor Piotr Piecuch, University Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Adjunct Professor of Physics and Astronomy, was selected as the 2017 Lawrence J. Schaad Lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry by Vanderbilt University.

The lectureship was established by Prof. Schaad’s wife, Nancy, in tribute to her late husband and his legacy in theoretical chemistry.

Prof. Piecuch’s research focuses on electronic and nuclear structure theories, theory of intermolecular forces, and applications of computational approaches to chemical reactivity, catalysis, bioinorganic chemistry and photochemistry. His Schaad lecture, which he presented at Vanderbilt on April 5, 2017, was titled “Understanding photochemistry and photoelectron spectra with coupled-cluster theory.”

“I am honored and delighted to be recognized in this way,” Prof. Piecuch said. “I have actually used papers by Professor Schaad on cyclobutadiene and trimethylemethane in my own work on new methods for biradicals and antiaromatic species, and even found out, when preparing the lecture a few days ago, that one of his papers and one of mine can be seen on the same page in the online version of the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Professor Schaad has done a lot for theoretical chemistry, inspiring many of us working in this area. He is greatly missed.”