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Professor Piotr Piecuch named Fellow

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has named MSU University Distinguished Professor Piotr Piecuch to be a Fellow of their Society. Founded in 1841, the RSC is the United Kingdom’s professional body for chemical scientists and the largest organization in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences. The RSC partners with industry and academia, promotes collaboration and innovation, advises governments on policy, and promotes the talent, information and ideas that lead to great advances in science. The designation FRSC is given to a group of elected Fellows who have made outstanding contributions to chemistry.

Professor Piecuch’s research, described in more than 200 publications to date, focuses on the development of ab initio quantum theory of molecular electronic structure and other many-body systems, and applications of the resulting computational approaches to spectroscopy, chemical reaction mechanisms and dynamics, catalysis, photochemistry, intermolecular interactions, and atomic nuclei.

“I am delighted and truly honored to be admitted to the Royal Society of Chemistry, the world’s leading chemistry organization that celebrates its 175th anniversary this year, as a Fellow. Nothing is more rewarding in our profession than having one’s peers formally say, ‘Thank you, job well done.’ When one joins a select group of scientists, who have made outstanding contributions to science, the experience is particularly gratifying and humbling. I am most grateful to the Royal Society of Chemistry for this wonderful recognition.”