Professor Mitch Smith receives award

  • May 31, 2016
  • Milton Smith

The 2016 William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award, one of the highest awards MSU gives to a faculty member, has been awarded to Chemistry Professor Mitch Smith for his excellence as a teacher and mentor, for his significant and groundbreaking contributions to basic and applied science as a creative and prolific researcher, and for his service to the scientific community. No rnore than ten 'William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Awards are rnade each year.

Perhaps rnost significant is his recent work in catalytic transformations of carbon-hydrogen bonds, using iridium complexes as catalysts to rep lace the hydrogen with boron, thereby making possible further reactions that wouldn't otherwise be possible. The method is now widely used in organic synthesis, and has greatly expedited the production of boronic esters, an important class of compounds that are widely utilized in the chemica l and pharmaceutica l industries.

More recently, to address the imminent world energy crisis, Professor Srnith has begun to investigate new strategies for ammonia production as a means for energy storage and transportation.

More information can be found on the MSU Today webpage.