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Professor Dantus Receives 2019 Technology Transfer Award at MSU Innovation Celebration

Prof. Marcos Dantus and President Satish Udpa.
Prof. Marcos Dantus and President Satish Udpa

Prof. Marcos Dantus, University Distinguished Professor and MSU Foundation Professor of Chemistry and Physics, received the 2019 Technology Transfer Award for his work with ultrafast lasers—an innovation that takes a low intensity, long pulse and compresses it to increase its energy. These lasers are ideal for probing and controlling chemical reactions and for use in biomedical imaging and sensing.

During his distinguished career, Prof.Dantus’s research in ultrafast lasers has contributed to Nobel Prizes in chemistry and physics, and novel applications in the medical and defense industries among others. His lab’s research focuses include understanding and controlling chemistry under intense laser field radiation, biomedical imaging and sensing, and development of novel spectroscopic approaches. 

“There is perhaps no better illustration of chemistry as an enabling science than the type of technology transfer for which Marcos was honored,” said Rob Maleczka, Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry.  On behalf of the department, I congratulate Marcos and the entire Dantus lab for their vision of how ultrafast laser technology can enable positive advances in areas ranging from human health to public safety.”

Prof. Dantus currently has 47 inventions disclosed, more than 200 peer-reviewed papers, 30 patents, and 16 technologies licensed to industry.

Prof. Jetze Tepe and Prof. Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan
Prof. Jetze Tepe and Prof. Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan

Also higlighted at the event were Chemistry Prof. Jetze Tepe (above left, with his collaborator Prof. Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan from Microbiology) and Chemistry Prof. Xuefei Huang (below left, with Research Associate Herbert Kavunja).

Prof. Xuefei Huang and Research Associate Herbert Kavunja
Prof. Xuefei Huang and Research Associate Herbert Kavunja