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MSU Chemistry professor and alumna elected to ACS Division of Organic Chemistry executive committee positions

Photo of Karen Draths.
Karen Draths

Professors Karen Draths (MSU Chemistry) and Jennifer Schomaker (U. Wisconsin-Madison; Ph.D. 2006, Prof. Babak Borhan’s group) have been elected to National positions within the American Chemical Society’s Division of Organic Chemistry. Professor Draths will hold one of the Division’s Member-at- Large positions, while Professor Schomaker was elected Chair-Elect.

Photo of Jennifer Schomaker.
Jennifer Schomaker



With a membership of approximately 10,000 chemists from around the globe, the Division of Organic Chemistry works to foster and promote the advancement of the field of organic chemistry. MSU chemistry is well-represented on the Organic Division’s executive committee, including the current Chair-Elect, Dr. Lamont Terrel (Ph.D. 2001) and Member-at-Large Dr. Nicole Knight (Ph.D. 2009).


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