Icer Student Highlights: Tayeb Kakeshpour

  • Nov 6, 2017
  • James Jackson, Tayeb Kakeshpour

Tayeb Kakeshpour is a chemistry Ph.D. student studying Physical Organic Chemistry here at MSU, working with Professor James E. (Ned) Jackson.

Tayeb’s research generally focuses on hydrogen bonds, aiming to understand the factors that determine their strength in various chemical contexts. He has shown that hydrogen bonds can enhance or inhibit “aromaticity”, a special mode of stabilization common to many organic and biomolecules; the result is an ability to purposefully tune the molecules’ “stickiness”.

One of the highlights of his research occurred last year when he synthesized a series of compounds to be rigorously studied via NMR. He found that one of the compounds formed hydrogen bonds too strong for analysis with typical NMR spectrometers (5-600 MHz). This compound’s analysis was crucial; the study could not be completed without it. Dr. Daniel Holmes, MSU’s supervisor of NMR facilities, suggested that Tayeb move to an instrument mainly used for dilute, complex biological samples: MSU Chemistry’s ultra high field (900 MHz) NMR spectrometer. With this more potent instrument, and the guidance of theory from Tayeb’s High Performance Computing modeling computations performed at ICER, he has not looked back!

See:  “High-Field NMR Spectroscopy Reveals Aromaticity-Modulated Hydrogen Bonding (AMHB) in Heterocycles” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56, 9843-9846.and: