Mac OS / OS X

  1. Download the Apple OS X / Mac OS Pulse Secure DMG.
  2. Mount the Installer DMG
    • When your computer finishes downloading the installer file, it will prompt you to either "Open with" or "Save File." Choose to Open with DiskImageMounter (default) to run the installer.

      Note: Your computer may be setup to automatically just save the file to your Downloads folder. Check there if you're not prompted to open the installer to install the application.
      Screen shot of "PulseSecure.pkg" in a Finder window for OS X.

  3. Double-click the .pkg file to open the Installer, then click Continue:
    Screen shot of "Welcome to Pulse Secure Setup Wizard" for OS X.

  4. Choose the location for the install and click Install:
    Screen shot of "Standard Install on 'Mac OS'" for OS X.

  5. Enter your OS X/macOS Administrator Credentials and click Install Software:
    Screen shot of administrator login in OS X.

  6. Comple the Installation by clicking on Close:
    Screen shot of "The installation was completed successfully" for OS X.

  7. Open Pulse Secure by finding the Pulse Secure icon in the menu bar, click it and choose Open Pulse Secure:
    Screen shot of Pulse Secure icon in the menu bar in OS X.

  8. Click on the plus sign (+) in the bottom left corner of the Connections dialog to define the VPN connection:
    Screen shot of Pulse Secure connections in OS X.
    • Type should default to "UAC or SSL-VPN" (if it does not, select it from the options).
    • Choose a name for the VPN connection in the Name section (maybe use MSU Chemistry VPN).
    • Enter in the Server URL section.
    • Click on Add:
      Screen shot of Pulse Secure add connection with server url in OS X.
  9. Start the VPN Connection by clicking Connect:
    Screen shot of the newly added connection in OS X.
  10. Enter your CHEMISTRY username and password.
    Screen shot of Pulse Secure login credentials in OS X.
  11. You should now be connected. To disconnect, click the Pulse Secure icon in the menu bar, click the Chemistry VPN item and then click on Disconnect:
    Screen shot of the Pulse Secure options in the menu bar in OS X.
  12. The VPN may warn you if your session lasts a very long time; the Extend Session item seen here may be used to prolong your VPN usage if you recieve a warning that your session is about to expire.