When MSU Chemistry affiliates are away from campus or on MSU Wireless, they often need to connect with servers in the Chemistry Department to perform their work, and when the work involves sensitive data or information, it is important the network connection be secure.

The MSU Chemistry SSL VPN service provides MSU Chemistry affiliates with a way to connect securely to the MSU Chemistry network. This VPN connection works from any location, whether in East Lansing, or any other around the world.

When installing either Junos Pulse or Network Connect you must be logged into an account with Administrator privileges. For future connections, you may use accounts with limited privileges. Software upgrades to the VPN client also require administrator privileges.

We have a limited number of simultaneous user licenses for our VPN, so please try to remember to disconnect when you're no longer using it. That will free up the license you were using, and make it available to others.

Select your Operating System for the appropriate instructions: