Domestic Applicants

Chemistry Admissions Contact:

Admissions Contact: Anna Osborn - Graduate Secretary, Phone: 517-353-1092

Admissions Contact Email Address: chemistryadmissions AT chemistry DOT msu DOT edu

Application Deadlines

  • For Fall 2021 admissions; Domestic students have a deadline of December 15th, to submit a completed application file. Applications that are submitted by December 15th have will receive priority reviewing, along with being considered for fellowship nominations.
  • Applications submitted after December 15th, will be reviewed accordingly.

How to Apply

Please review the following How to Successfully Apply to view what the Chemistry Application process will look like. A complete application includes the following:

  1. Chemistry Applicant Datasheet (Submit only once):
    Fill out at
  1. MSU Graduate Application (Submit only once):
    Fill out at . The MSU code for a Chemistry PhD is 3575 (we do not accept admissions into the Master’s Program). Once you start your application, you will receive an Applicant ID number and set up a Password. You will need your Password and Applicant ID number to log into the Graduate Education Student Portal. You DO NOT need to submit the application payment. You will be prompted to submit payment however; the Department of Chemistry still has access to your application without payment and if admitted, the Department of Chemistry will pay the fee. The Department of Chemistry pays the graduate application fee for those who are admitted into our program.
  1. Complete your graduate application to the Department of Chemistry by logging into your Graduate Education Student Portal using your Applicant ID number and Password issued when you submitted the MSU Graduate Application (step #2)


Within your Graduate Education Student Portal, upload the REQUIRED documents. Not submitting any of these documents, will delay your application being reviewed by the search committee:

  1. Transcript(s) –
    • Upload unofficial transcript(s) in your Graduate Education Student Portal - these are considered unofficial transcript(s) and are for evaluation purposes only.
    • Should you be offered admittance and accept, we MUST have an official sealed and stamped bachelor’s degree transcript. Not submitting this information will cause delay for your admittance by the University.
    • Please note that if you are admitted and have not received a degree granting transcript, you will need to mail your official degree granting transcript to the MSU Office of Admissions by the end of Fall semester
  2. GRE General Score -
    • Are not required for admission to the chemistry graduate program.
  3. GRE Subject Score - not required but recommended
  4. Submit a MINIMUM of 3 Recommendation Letters -
    • To set up your Letters of Recommendation you will log into your Graduate Education Student Portal.  You will need to “Register Recommender” with their first and last name and their email address.  Your recommenders will automatically receive an email with the link and password to log in and submit their recommendation for you.
    • If they do not receive an email, please verify that you have personally entered their contact information correctly and ask that they check their SPAM or trash folders
  5. Submit Academic Purpose (if uploading as a separate document, state that in the application)
  6. Submit Personal Statement/Statement of Purpose (if uploading as a separate document, state that in the application)
  7. Resume/CV - Required


Transcript Information Can Be Mailed to:
Michigan State University
Chemistry Building
Attn: Anna Osborn
578 S Shaw Ln Room 320
East Lansing MI 48824

Applications are accepted for Fall Semester, Ph.D. program only. We do not accept applications for Spring or Summer Semester, or Master's program.

You will be able to check your application status through the Graduate Portal found at