CDGDC Requirements

When Admitting:

*Attention Chinese Graduate Applicants: MSU requires that all admitted Chinese graduate students arrange for verification of their final bachelor’s degree transcripts (大学成绩单) and bachelor degree (本科学位证书) from China through the CDGDC. Students will receive detailed information on obtaining this verification upon admission to MSU. Failure to comply with this policy could compromise the student’s continuing enrollment at MSU. Students may wish to check with their graduate program to see if their department may provide funds to cover this cost after they arrive on campus.*

After Admissions( Accepted Students):

Office of Admissions will initiate an automated email from the Graduate School to ALL accepted applicants who studied in Chinese universities indicating that the student must arrange for CDGDC verification of the following documents no later than October 15th for Fall enrollees:

1.  Final bachelor’s degree transcript
2. Bachelor’s Degree Verification Sheet (issued by the CDGDC in English, verifying the student obtained their degree)

The transcripts and degree verification reports should be sent to the Office of Admissions directly from the CDGDC

Office of Admissions

Michigan State University

Hannah Administration Building

426 Auditorium Road, Room 250

East Lansing, Michigan 48824-2604

After Enrollment:

The Graduate School will send reminder notices to students who have not complied before the deadline September 15th for Fall warning that their admission may be cancelled for non-compliance. 

The Office of Admissions will place a hold on students starting October 15th; this hold will be released when the student has satisfied the requirement of supplying their official documents (as listed above).

*Failure to provide the CDGDC documentation will result in dismissal from the program*