Visiting the Department

  • Can I come for a department visit before I apply to the program?

Applicants are more than welcomed to contact faculty members that they may be interested in meeting with. However; if you are wanting to meet with faculty outside of our visiting season, contacting faculty and scheduling a meeting date is left for the student to gather. Please note that faculty travel frequently and have busy schedules; therefore they may not be available for meetings during your visit, and especially if you plan your visit on short notice.

  • Can I come for a department visit after I'm accepted to the program?

For domestic students, if you are offered admittance into our program you will receive information about our visiting schedule. Our visiting season runs from January-April.

For applicants traveling 90 miles or more:

  • We typically have applicants arrive on Thursday afternoons; meet one-on-one with faculty, a group lunch with current graduate students, meet with the Associate Chair of Education and meet with the Admissions Director all-day Friday and depart on Saturday morning.

For applicants traveling less then 90 miles:

  • We typically have applicants arrive and depart on Friday. However; if weather conditions are a concern, we will look into other travel arrangements