Undergraduate Research Opportunities

How to Get Started

  • Check out the overview of current research in the Department of Chemistry. Identify a few projects that interest you, and then contact the faculty member(s) conducting the research.
  • Ask your chemistry course instructor about their research or research in general in the Department of Chemistry.
  • Talk with Dr. Onchiri or Prof. Posey about your interests. They can assist you in identifying faculty who are conducting research that aligns with your interests.

Research participation is by arrangement with a faculty member. You can receive course credit for participating in research by enrolling in CEM 420 – Independent Research or CEM 400H – Honors Work. An override is required to enroll in CEM 420 or CEM 400H. You must complete an independent study application before an override will be entered. It is also possible to do research without enrolling in a course.

Current Opportunities

  • Greg Swain: email - research webpage
    • Electrochemistry of diamond and diamond-like carbon materials.
    • Structure and anti-corrosion properties of inorganic conversion coatings for aerospace aluminum alloys.
    • Analytical assays for biological and environmental analytes using flow injection analysis with electrochemical detection.
  • Melanie Cooper: email - research webpage
    • Research on how students learn chemistry and how we can assess their understanding.
  • Sean Liddick: email
    • Total absorption spectroscopy of short-lived neutron-rcih Zn isotopes.
    • Multiple interaction detection in a light emitting scintillator.
    • Electromagnetic transitions rates in neutron-rich Mo isotopes.
    • Experimental light distribution from isomeric nuclear configurations.
  • Warren Beck email - research webpage
    • Carotenoid photophysics.
    • Photosynthetic light harvesting and photoprotection.
    • Semiconductor nanocrystals (quantum dots).
    • Fluorescence spectroscopy.
    • Femtosecond laser spectroscopy.
    • Instrumentation development.
    • Computer modeling.

Research-related Scholarship Opportunities

Other Resources