Topic: Teflon-coated Molecules: Electronic Structure and Reactivity

Speaker: Professor Linda Doerrer - Boston University

Host: Professor James McCusker

Date: Monday, April 22, 2019

Time: 11:20 AM

Location: 136 CEM

More Information:

Complexes surrounded by perfluorinated ligands have noticeably different physical and chemical properties than their non-fluorinated analogs.  Fluorinated ligands are well-known for their oxidative stability, and therefore make tempting targets for investigations in oxidative catalysis.  Our group has prepared a large family of first-row transition metal complexes of monodentate fluorinated alkoxide and aryoxide ligands, with the general form [M(ORF)n]m-.  These fluorinated ligands are the electronic equivalent of fluoride, based on spectrochemical studies and ligand field comparisons, but are quite distinct from [MFn]m- complexes in solubility, hydrolytic stability, and nuclearity.  More recently we have extended our investigations into bidentate systems, namely that of the perfluoropinacolate ligand.  This ligand endows its complexes with the same general characteristics as the monodentate systems investigated previously, with some additional new features as well.  In the [M(pinF)n]m- family, numerous members are air-stable and water soluble.  This talk will give an overview of our past work in homoleptic 3d metal complexes with monodentate perfluorinated ligands, including Cu-O2 reactivity, and then move into published and unpublished work on perfluoropinacolate complexes.  Most recent highlights include the extraordinarily rare electronic structure in an S = 1 Co(III) complex.