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A paper from the Weliky group, “Multiple Locations of Peptides in the Hydrocarbon Core of Gel-Phase Membranes Revealed by Peptide 13C to Lipid 2H Rotational-Echo Double-Resonance Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance”, Biochemistry, 54, 677-684 (2015) is highlighted on the journal website.

The January 26th issue of Chemical & Engineering News has a writeup on the 2015 Nature paper recently authored by Professor Proshlyakov (DOI: 10.1038/nature14160).  Denis' Nature article describes his collaborative work with John Lipscomb (University of Minnesota) on the structure of a catalytic intermediate of an enzyme that microbes use to convert methane to methanol.

The January 26th issue of Chemical & Engineering News has an article on Professor Daniel Mindiola (B.S. in chemistry with honors from Michigan State in 1996) by Linda Wang.  Ms. Wang describes how mentor ship received at MSU and elsewhere helped Professor Mindiola "climb from welfare recipient to Ivy League professor". 

The MSU Chemistry Department congratulates Professor Kim Dunbar (Texas A&M) on receiving the ACS Award For Distinguished Service In The Advancement Of Inorganic Chemistry.  Professor Dunbar began her independent career at MSU in 1987, serving as a University Distinguished Professor from 1998-1999.

Professor Dantus has earned a national honor for being a leader of innovation and invention.

David Weliky has co-edited a Special Issue of Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (volume 1848) on the topic of "NMR Spectroscopy for Atomistic Views of Biomembranes and Cell Surfaces".

Steve Poulios has received the MSU's 2015 Distinguished Academic Staff Award.

'Polyatomic Molecules under Intense Femtosecond Laser Irradiation' has been highlighted in the current issue of J Phys Chem A. It is a collaborative effort between the Dantus Group, Prof Levine and Prof Jackson. 

Professor Dantus has been elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society "for contributions to the development of pulse shaping and coherent control techniques for femtosecond electronic spectroscopy microscopy and remote sensing of molecules."

Merlin Bruening has been awarded the 2015 MSU Innovation of the Year Award from the MSU Innovation Center.   Merlin won the award for his work on functionalization of membranes through polymer adsorption at controlled pH.  Professor Bruening will formally receive the award from Vice-President Hsu on April 23, 2015.