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Professor Rob Maleczka has been named a 2014 ACS Fellow.  The ACS Fellow program honors ACS members for outstanding achievements in and contributions to science, the profession, and ACS.  Professor Maleczka joins the Department's previously named ACS Fellows, Melanie Cooper, Xuefei Huang, Paul Mantica and Kennie Merz.  Also among the 2014 fellows is Professor Emmanuel P. Giannelis.  Professor Giannelis is the Walter R. Read Professor of Engineering in the Materials Science and Engineering Department of Cornell University.  He earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from MSU in 1985, working with Professor Tom Pinnavaia.  Other MSU Chemistry alumni to have been previously named ACS Fellows include Bridgette A. Barry (Post-doc, 1985), David E. Bergbrieter (BS, 1970), Joseph A. Caruso (PhD, 1967), Larry R. Dalton (BS, 1965), Mary Ann B. Meador (PhD, 1983), Patrick B. Smith (PhD, 1978), Claudia Turro (PhD, 1992), and Bobby L. Wilson (PhD, 1976).

Damith Perera (Maleczka group) was awarded the Bronze GSK Award for developing and successfully executing an 18 step synthetic route to a GSK target.   GlaxoSmithKline established this award program to recognize valuable contribution to company projects.  Before Damith, only one intern had ever won one of these GSK awards and Damith was the only Intern so honored this year.

The Spence group's recent article involving new technologies for cell analysis was featured on the cover of the RSC journal Analyst in a special themed issue on probe and chip approaches for cell analysis.  This is the Spence group's second front cover article in the past four months.  You can check out the cover of the issue here.

Damith Perera (Maleczka/Smith group and current GSK intern) won the Best Poster Award at the GlaxoSmithKline 2014 Chemistry Day, June 6th, 2014.  His poster detailed recent synthetic work that he has done in the GSK Research Triangle Park Antiviral Chemistry Group.  Damith’s accomplishment is particularly impressive given that his poster was compared to 35 other posters, most of which were presented by permanent GSK employees with much more experience.

Professor Merlin Bruening has won the 2014 CNS Distinguished Faculty Award.

Rob LaDuca has won the 2014 Undergraduate Teaching Award.

Steve Poulios has won the 2014 CNS Distinguished Academic Staff Award.

An article by Kelly Sackett, Matthew Nethercott, Zhaoxiong Zheng, and David Weliky, “Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of the HIV gp41 Membrane Fusion Protein Supports Intermolecular Antiparallel β Sheet Fusion Peptide Structure in the Final Six-Helix Bundle State”, Journal of Molecular Biology, 426, 1077-1094 (2014) has been highlighted by the journal in an issue devoted to Molecular Interplay in Viral Assembly.

Adeayo Ajala and Nicholas Bauman from the Piecuch group  have been awarded fellowships to attend the Second Annual Software-Development Summer School for Computational Chemistry and Materials Modeling, to be held at Stony Brook University between July 8 and 18, 2014.

Professor Piotr Piecuch was awarded the Outstanding Reviewer Status by Chemical Physics Letters. He has been in the top 10th percentile in terms of the number of reviews completed for Chemical Physics Letters in the past two years.