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Professor Melanie Cooper has just been named a recipient of the 2015 Michigan State University AT&T Faculty-Staff Instructional Technology Award. This annual awards program is funded by AT&T and administered by MSU's IT Services.  The program recognizes outstanding contributions to the use and development of information technology for teaching and learning in credit-bearing courses at MSU.  Read more.

The MSU Chemistry Department held an alumni reception at the 249th American Chemical Society's National Meeting & Exposition held in Denver from March 22-26.  The theme of the conference was the chemistry of natural resources.  The reception was held at the Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery in Downtown Denver and was attended by alumni attending the ACS meeting and those who have relocated to the Denver area after graduating from MSU.

Professor Jennifer Schomaker has been awarded the College of Natural Science Alumni Association's 2015 Recent Alumni Award.  Dr. Schomaker was a graduate student in the Borhan labs from 2001 to 2006.  As a Ph.D. student, Jennifer set new standards of excellence.  Her graduate achievements include three total syntheses, the development of three important synthetic methodologies, winning Dow Chemical and ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Fellowships, publishing eight papers, and being an inventor on two patents, all achieved while commuting six days a week from Mt. Pleasant and raising two small daughters!  After earning her Ph.D. from MSU, Dr. Schomaker accepted a post-doctoral position at Berkeley and from there her first independent position at the University of Wisconsin, where she has quickly become known as one of the country's top young investigators.   Professor Schomaker will formally receive her award on April 24th at the CNS Alumni Association's awards dinner.

Professor Babak Borhan has been awarded the 2015 Meritorious Faculty Award from the College of Natual Science.  For more info about this award, please visit: https://natsci.msu.edu/alumni-friends/awards/meritorious-faculty/

Todd Werpy was named a recipient of the 2015 ACS Affordable Green Chemistry Award.  Dr. Todd Werpy is senior vice president and chief technology officer. Previously, Werpy served as ADM’s senior vice president, Research & Development. In that role, he had responsibility for all corporate research and development functions, including overseeing ADM’s efforts to expand its product portfolio and strengthening research partnerships with government agencies, academic institutions and corporations. Prior to joining ADM in 2007, Werpy spent 15 years at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where he was responsible for research and business development for new chemicals and chemical intermediates from renewable feedstocks. Werpy developed the catalytic technology being commercialized by ADM for the conversion of glycerin and sorbitol to propylene glycol. He holds 30 US patents in the area of catalysis and chemical conversion of biomass to chemicals. Werpy was selected as the recipient of the 2015 American Chemical Society Award for Affordable Green Chemistry. Werpy holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Southwest Minnesota State University and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Michigan State University. For more information see ADM Announces Management Appointments.

The LaDuca group made the cover of the new issue of Polyhedron, an inorganic chemistry journal.  The article is titled "Divalent Metal Diphenate Dipyridylamine Coordination Polymers: Supramolecular Polytypism and a Rare 5-connected Topology Based on Arc-like Hexanuclear Clusters". The first author is LBC sophomore Lucas Weingartz.  Briggs alumni Gregory Farnum and Joseph Nettleman are also co-authors. The theme of the art is a space scape substituting our arc-like hexanuclear clusters for the known ring arcs discovered around Neptune by the Voyager 2 space probe.

Dr. Mark Ondari has been selected to be one of 15 highly distinguished speakers at the 44th National Organic Symposium, which will be held this June at the University of Maryland.  Mark was a graduate student in the laboratories of Professor Kevin Walker, earning his Ph.D. in 2010.  Dr. Ondari is currently a research scientist at Dow Chemical, working in their Organic, Polymer, and Organometallic Synthesis group.  The National Organic Symposium is the premier event sponsored by the American Chemical Society's Division of Organic Chemistry.  This biannual symposium highlights recent advances in organic chemistry and is the setting at which the Roger Adams Awardee is conferred.

In the most recent C&EN, David Case, a 1970 BS Chemistry graduate from Michigan State University, received the "ACS Award for Computers in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research." David went on to receive his PhD from Harvard and started his academic career at UC Davis before moving on to Scripps and now Rutgers.

The ACS Women Chemists Committee (WCC) has named Dr. Jaime Curtis-Fisk one of the recipents of the 2015 Rising Star Awards.  Dr. Curtis-Fisk earned her Ph.D. from the Weliky labs in 2008 and is now a chemist at the Dow Chemical Company in Midland.  WCC's Rising Star Awards recognize exceptional early- to midcareer women chemists across all areas of chemistry on a national level. More information about these awards and WCC can be found at: http://www.womenchemists.sites.acs.org/

Claire Baniel has been selected to receive an American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry (DOC) Undergraduate Award.  For over three years, Claire has been an undergraduate member of the Huang group conducting research aimed at the development of carbohydrate based anti-cancer vaccines.  Claire has presented her research at several regional conferences and Professor Huang expects her to be a co-author on soon to be published papers describing the work. The DOC Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry is intended to recognize senior students who display a significant aptitude for organic chemistry and to encourage further interest in the field.  The award includes a letter of recognition from the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry and an award certificate signed by the DOC chair.  All awardees will be formally announced during the upcoming ACS meeting and then on the DOC web page at http://www.organicdivision.org/uga. The Department will also recognize Claire during the Chemistry undergraduate awards ceremony to be held later this spring, but before then please join me in congratulating Claire.